Orange peelers?

sue62, Oct 20, 6:37am
Does anyone know if you can buy the plastic sunkist orange peelers that used to be given away free with oranges?

unknowndisorder, Oct 20, 6:49am
There are a number of peelers on here, not sure what the Sunkist one looked like. Best search for citrus peeler, as orange peeler came up with all sorts of randoms :)

paora-tm, Oct 20, 6:53am
$2 shops would be good places to look or buy direct from the chinese trading site.

paora-tm, Oct 20, 6:54am

sue62, Oct 20, 7:06am
YES that is them.

eljayv, Oct 20, 7:23am
Fruit world had them for about 10cents

mothergoose_nz, Oct 21, 5:52am I have ordered a couple plus an onion holder for when cutting stuff. cheap as chips. free shipping. have hunted through all the shops for these items. stupid that you cant find these items

eljayv, Oct 21, 6:07am
Onion holder ? Don't think I've seen one of them, sounds interesting tho.

nzdoug, Oct 22, 4:06am
If you do them carefully by hand you can turn the peel into a cat helmet.

dibble35, Oct 22, 5:50pm
LOL, I need to see a picture of that!

twelve12, Oct 23, 11:03pm

cookessentials, Oct 24, 3:57am
Still have my yellow "Sunkist" one that must be 30+years old. A dessert spoon works really well. Use serrated paring knife and score skin, then dessert spoon up under the skin and slide over orange, skin comes off easily

sue62, Oct 24, 6:55am
SO funny LOL

autumnwinds, Oct 24, 11:15am
I prefer this type, which slip on the finger,and are more easily manoeverable than the longer type.

Easy to find online. including TM

kennymac, Dec 10, 5:15pm
Mine is a Tupperware peeler. They use to have them in their give away or prize bag.

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