Lemonade icing for Banana cake ?

skifflebar, Aug 26, 9:26pm
We are putting the old bananas to good use today; making banana cakes.
Previously we use the tried and true lemon icing but as we are out of lemons at this time and there is an abundance of lemonades on the tree, I was thinking of trying out the juice from the fruit from our lemonade tree.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained (or lost :-) )
Has anyone tried using Lemonade juice and what was the result like?

adnelg, Aug 26, 10:17pm
I never knew there was such a thing as lemonades? I have always put chocolate icing on my banana cakes, yum. off to google lemonades.

unknowndisorder, Aug 26, 10:26pm
A friend had a lemonade tree, they were delicious, but that would have been 40 years ago, so can't remember really what they tasted like. I know they were sweeter, I don't like lemon, but do remember the tree and munching down on them as kids.
No help with the icing obviously lol

unknowndisorder, Aug 26, 10:29pm
They have softer skins? Just dredging my memory banks.

davidt4, Aug 26, 10:34pm
Lemonade juice would be okay, it is less sour than lemon juice and has a mild grapefruit flavour.

wheelz, Jan 2, 11:18am
If you've got some passionfruit pulp. that would be delicious in icing!

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