Best place to buy preserved lemons please?

p1glet, Jun 29, 7:33am
It doesn't seem to be at the supermarket. TIA.

geldof, Jun 29, 8:00am
Places like Vetro and Farro.
BUT it's really really easy to make your own for a fraction of the cost.
Just lemons and salt and a bit of time.

lythande1, Jun 29, 8:20pm
Buy? Make. I have so many lemons, we mow them up.

blueviking, Jun 29, 9:09pm
I'm off now to the lemon tree. I have jars & salt. I'd never heard of preserved lemons.

p1glet, Jun 30, 3:18am
But I want them now!

blueviking, Jul 3, 9:30pm
Just went past the deli section at my local pak'n and saw a jar of preserved lemons.A jam jar sized. $11.70

buzzy110, Jul 3, 11:23pm
Homemade - lemons and salt.

Commercial - (From memory) Lemons, salt, sugar, water, preservative

The taste just isn't the same imo and they are not the same as the 'proper ones'.

Preserved lemons are so simple to make a child could do it.


1. clean sterilised jar with a tight fitting lid - a ploastic lid would be nice but not mandatory. I use jars with clip shut glass lids and rubber seals
2. Lots of lemons
3. A saucer - (yep, a plain old saucer)
4. Non-iodised salt - Cerebos does a sea salt in blue packaging
5. - Optional extra - a glass weight. I use clean glass, flower shaped, tealight candle burners as they are smallish and fit in the jar.

1. Cut lemons into ¼s
2. Save some lemons to make juice with because juice is nicer than water
3. Tip a whole lot of salt into the saucer
4. Dip the cut sides of a lemon ¼ into the salt in the saucer to cover with salt
5. Put into the bottom of the jar
6. Repeat step 4 layering and pressing the lemons in as you go to release some of the juice
7. Keep squeezing lemon juice onto each layer and ensure there are no air bubbles by pressing on the lemons gently
8. When you have positively almost filled the jar with layers of pressed in lemon quarters and have ensure the whole lot is completely covered with lemon juice, put in the glass weight to ensure the lemons remain completely submerged. I find it best if the weight is just slightly higher than the lid
9. Put the lid on and screw tightly if using a screw top lid to ensure that the weight is pressed down hard onto the lemons and is mostly submerged - the liquid keeps the lemons in the necessary anaerobic state where bad bacteria cannot grow.
10a. I just leave the jar upright in a cool place in a container to catch any overflowing juices for 3 days then put in fridge. Use after 3 -6 weeks
10b. OR turn the jar upside down and each day turn it the other way for 3-4 days. Then the fridge for 3-6 weeks.

Note: Lemons will last for years and years in the jar in the fridge so long as they are kept fully submerged because fermentation and preserving requires anaerobic conditions which is what the liquid in the jar provides.

Note: If you use only lemon juice and no water, the liquid turns to jelly. And oh. It is sooo delicious in all sorts of things. I use it as a dressing over fresh garden salads along with thin slices of the preserved lemons. Takes salads into another dimension of taste.

Note: I am still using preserved lemons I made 4 years ago and still delicious.

cosimo, Jul 4, 1:49am
I preserved some 4 years ago, but used a metal lid. Duh! Can't open them - Guess I'll have to break the jar, but haven't plucked up the courage yet to attack it.

buzzy110, Jul 4, 4:54am
Have you tried putting the lid under running hot water? Sometimes that helps.

cosimo, Jul 4, 7:03am
Thanks buzzy. I'll give that a go tomorrow. But the lid is very rusty.

paora-tm, Jul 5, 11:08am
I saw some at PaknSav Manukau a while ago. Can't remember the price but they weren't cheap and they didn't even look very nice.

paora-tm, Jul 5, 11:10am
Found the ones I made, in the back of the fridge almost forgotten. Were made 9 months (or longer) ago and looked manky - threw them out. Didn't think much of the one I did use.

akl439, Jul 6, 11:17pm
I've just done the Annabel Langbein version which mature much quicker as you put the lemons in the freezer first to break down the skins.

malcovy, Aug 7, 6:02pm
I too make my own preserved lemons and they keep for a long time in the fridge as Buzzy mentioned. So much better and cheaper.
When I use the preserved lemon I use all it. Many people say to just use the skin but I love all of it especially in roast chicken.

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