Savoury Pinwheels

petmacorpltd, May 5, 6:46am
I used to make sausage meat pinwheels with mashed potato and can't remember what else went in them. Does anyone else make these? I think it was cheese and relish or something like that. TIA

fifie, May 6, 12:25am
Made similar with a roll of pastry, spread with tomato relish, then leftover mashed potatoes on top. Put sausage meat in a bowl add diced onion, mixed herbs, slug worcester sauce sp, mix well put on top of potatoes add grated cheese on top. Roll into a roll, have seam underneath cut into 1/2 slices bake in hot oven. Also do it with chopped bacon pieces instead of s/meat, and tomato sauce, good way to use up leftover spuds.

korbo, May 6, 7:09am
could you use a scone dough and roll it very thin.
have bought savoury pinwheels at various new world shops, but they are not pastry as in a pie. what could they use

fifie, Sep 26, 12:16pm
Can use scone dough korbo, i just pat into oblong fairly thin add relish cooked bacon and onions, few spibach leaves grated cheese, drizzle chilli sauce roll up cut and run teasp relish around the top it caramalises when cooked. Got this from cafe they are yummy.

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