Need inspiration to Cook!

Arghhhh I normally love cooking but I'm just sick of same old meat vege and spuds, at the moment that's easy as I have a 4 month old and a 8 yr old, come 4pm I despise cooking tea! I want nice fresh easy food! So my question is hit me with your NON meat sdpuds 3 vege recipes and help this boring cook out! Once bubs is in bed gunna pore through recipe books! I also live rural so only shop once a week normally so by the end of week lettuce, vege etc are a bit manky! Lol thanks

Chef_chic_style, Jul 3, 6:43 pm

i believe you need to start with the food you like, so if its asian - then quick stirfrys and fresh spring rolls and learn and develop your skills. if its mexcian then start trying you own vege/bean mix for tacos. once you start to master once style - expand, understanding spice mixes and flavours to me is the key to learning how to cook amazing foods.

Chef_motorbo, Jul 3, 7:34 pm

Yeah Motobro, partly right in comments.

chic_style, you noted initially meat then further on just veges.

Please be more precise in what type of foods you wish then a number of nice ones closer to your thoughts should come forth.

Please, just list whether meats, veges, pastas, rices, etc or only some of these or all of them. Also if you like spicy foods, hot foods, different cultural foods, and so on.

Hopes this helps. Cheers.

Chef_valentino, Jul 4, 8:40 am

im partly right? LOL it was my opinion so for me it was right. odd comment to make

Chef_motorbo, Jul 4, 8:56 am

No, basically how I saw it and noted, but yeah, we do have our personal thoughts, opinions. No right or wrong, just comments as one sees it.

Editing to note that to cook better or amazing foods is to know the basic foods you wish to cook with or to have some great suggestive recipes. This is how I see it, not just a selective one or two types of meal recipes.

Chef_valentino, Jul 4, 9:01 am

Are you on Facebook? This site is great for inspiration they are on Pinterest as well

Chef_nilaveli, Jul 4, 10:42 am

You were right and you made jolly good suggestions. Nothing partly right about it.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 4, 1:30 pm

What I did years ago (probably longer than an ice age lol), was to sit down with my recipe books, a red pen, a blue pen (or black) and some lined paper. I made 2 sets of catergories, one page for main meals, one page for desserts, baking etc. With the red pen I wrote a key S - seafood, V - vegetarian, P - poultry, M - meat (lamb, beef. basically red meat). I meticulously went through page by page each of my cook books noting the recipes I would makes (and of course noting which book it came from) and the category it was using the key. Yes it took a long time and couldn't do so in one sitting. The recipes I chose were ones 1. had ingredients I had as cupboard items and would use again, 2. ones everyone would eat and 3. I had the equipment to do the job.

I next then made a menu (I just bought a cheap calendar and added the meals to each day and noted which days were shopping day) organising meals according to the supermarket (or however you like to shop) I go to and tried to use what was on special. Working out what we were all doing on the day the meal was for and how many meals it would do, whether there were any freezer meals. Then the shopping list is made. By doing this we found we had more variety, we tried and are trying things we would normally not even look at, it has worked out cheaper and more efficient.

I like a variety of foods and using this method found I found that I don't get in a rut of the same old same old. I pick up new books (usually second hand), joined a few FB pages for ideas and sometimes just google. But most have come from going through my books that are already there so I when I put together the weekly menu I just look at the lists I have and choose what I would like to try. Hope that makes sense.

Chef_madj, Jul 4, 2:42 pm

Is it all cos you are sleep deprived/tired/exhausted etc. 4 month old ! yes, very hard work. Perhaps you have more time and energy earlier in the day - so prepare the veges, cut up the meat etc so when its dinner time you can quickly get things cooked and on the table before the baby (and mother) lose the plot. There's nothing wrong with doing quick and easy when baby is so new. But it needs to be healthy for Mum too. Dont' be too tough on yourself, you've got enough on at the moment.

Chef_didi37, Apr 12, 12:52 pm

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