Cottage/sheperds pie ?

I make "pies" with just leftover mince and veges, which is cooked and seasoned and put into a pie dish. Then top with some sort of mash.

Last week we had it with a potato/celeriac/cauli mash which was extra nice. Have also used potato/carrot/swede and other mixes. A bit of leek in the topping is nice too.

Add a great big green salad and you have a healthy and quick meal.

Chef_uli, Jul 17, 9:03 am

I have never understood why people would mince a perfectly cooked roast just because it is cold.

I usually slice the cold meat and carefully re-heat in the leftover gravy for another roast meal.

If there is not enough gravy I "stretch" it with some wine and cream.

If there is no gravy at all I fry onions and add lots of herbs and mushrooms and re-heat the roast slices in that.

Serve with vegetables and mash for another great meal.

Chef_uli, Jul 17, 9:03 am

Because it was a delicious family recipe handed down from our mothers and their mothers. I loved it as a kid, my mothers seemed to be tastier than I can make it today, or maybe I just get sick of my own cooking?
Reheating the meat in the gravy is another option which I often do.

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 17, 5:23 pm


Chef_thewomble1, Jul 19, 11:08 pm

I always do lots of extra veges on Sunday lunch so we can have a reheated meal on Monday. Then we make soup or do something interesting with the leftovers again.

What amazes me is how people nowadays seem to buy enough of something highly butchered, for their family. Pork chops, sausages, lamb steaks, etc. I find that they cost a lot, whereas a full chicken to roast or a joint of meat gives you loads for several meals, gravy and fat, soup. It stretches a long way. Whereas pork chops just give you. bones.

I think my best leftover meal is either pie, bubble and squeak or soup.

Chef_gaspodetwd, Jul 20, 8:26 am

Alison Holst's book 'Meals without Meat' does a fab vegetarian version of this pie. with kidney beans.

Even my meat-eating friends ask to have their plates reloaded!

Chef_biscuitd, Jul 20, 9:05 am


Chef_tracey57, Jul 20, 4:40 pm

In winter definitely soup.
In summer leftover meat is great in or on a great big salad.

Chef_uli, Jul 20, 5:50 pm

Elliehen, love the meat rationing!

I used to be rubbish in the kitchen and didn't make the most of my resources. My budget-conscious Gran would have been horrified! I've got better though - now a roast chicken lasts two of us roast dinner, leftovers for the next day's lunch, another dinner, and shredded chicken for toasted sandwiches, a fantastic light dinner. And then we make stock out of the remnants - Gran would be much happier with me now!

In terms of cottage vs shepherds pie, I had always assumed that it depended on the meat being used - lamb for shepherds, beef for cottage. But then, any pie is good pie in my book!

Chef_drommy, Jul 20, 6:50 pm

I made Shepherds pie as per the Edmonds cookbook using raw minced beef. I made it specially because I thought it would be bland and boring enough for my daughters 12 yr old fussy friend. I did add a bit of extra tom sauce , and BBQ sauce and made sure it was well seasoned. I needn't have bothered as she wouldn't eat it. She did try the beans and broccoli which she said she'd never eaten before. Apparently her Mum does cook them. She just would never try them.

Chef_wendalls, Jul 20, 11:38 pm

cottage pie and sheperds pie does anyone know if there is a difference, i have always been lead to believe that sheperds pie was lamb mince and cottage pie was beef mince can anyone enlighten me on this, thank you.

Chef_effcee1, Oct 15, 3:45 pm

That's right - lamb = shepherds, beef = cottage.

Chef_davidt4, Oct 15, 3:54 pm

They are both the same thing if you ask me, and can be made with any cold meat

Chef_rainrain1, Oct 15, 3:57 pm

I have a recipe from the 1950's which suggests left-over whale meat.

Chef_olwen, Oct 15, 4:06 pm

That sounds a bit fishy olwen, and horrible

Chef_rainrain1, Oct 15, 4:51 pm

So would that be whaler's pie then?

I agree though - beef = cottage, lamb = shepherd - not sure what you call it if you use leftover roast pork though .

Chef_sarahb5, Oct 15, 4:52 pm

I have a recipe that uses pork mince (raw) and it is called Cottage Pork Pie, otherwise my understanding is that the difference between Shepherds and Cottage Pies is as above. lamb (or other minced sheep meat) = shepherds; cottage = other meats, usually beef. :-))

Chef_245sam, Oct 15, 5:06 pm

I always thought a shepherd's pie was mashed potato over mince. A cottage pie is sliced potatoes over mince.

Chef_jynx66, Oct 17, 8:18 am

For me the difference was Shepard's Pie was made with left over roasted meat minced then topped with mashed spuds. And cottage was made with 'normal' mince and topped with mashed spud. Shepard's I think always better :)

Chef_anne1955, Oct 17, 9:19 am

Agree with above, Shepherds = lamb. Cottage = beef but I still refer to either as Shepherds Pie.

Chef_nauru, Oct 17, 10:42 am

I always used to call both lamb or beef versions Shepherds Pie but it was my children who pointed out the difference

Chef_sarahb5, Oct 17, 1:56 pm

Shepherds/Cottage pies are great with mashed kumera topping instead of potato too. Sometimes I mix some mashed pumpkin or cooked chopped spinach into the potato/kumera topping.

Chef_nauru, Oct 17, 7:20 pm

I've never been tempted to make a cottage pie as I love the shepherds pie made with left over roast lamb/hogget, onion, watties tomato sauce and mashed tattie. Had this once a week whilst growing up and it's still a regular in our household nearly 60 years later. Farming daughter also continues to make it this way. It's such a pain using the old mincer but is a must and well worth it to get the right texture.

Chef_biddy6, Oct 17, 7:29 pm

My mother used to make one with left over corned beef. The meet was minced and mixed with mashed potato to bind, and a little onion. More mashed potato on top. The top I think was forked and dotted with butter, but I would put cheese. We loved it with copious amounts of watties tomato sauce.

Chef_olwen, Oct 17, 7:39 pm

Yes I remember eating this first we had it boiled like corn beef then we had it minced in "shepherd's pie"

Chef_mwood, Oct 17, 8:55 pm

we also made the cooked meat variety and when we had minced the meat up put some aside and used same mixture with added egg flour and a little water as rissoles the next day, those were the days when one roast lasted at least 4 days

Chef_nannahall1, Oct 17, 9:22 pm

Any cold minced meat goes into a sheperds/cottage pie, all one and the same thing. !

Chef_rainrain1, Oct 18, 1:27 pm

That reminds me of the corned beef pies my Mum & Granny used to make. Similar mixture, minced corned beef, cooked & mashed potato and chopped onion. Mixed together and put into a short crust pastry pie.

Chef_nauru, Oct 18, 6:53 pm

Oh, the days of food rationing. Looking back, it seems unbelievable how little people had to eat or wear.

Chef_kay141, Oct 18, 7:24 pm

A modern version

For Sunday brunch an egg at most
Accompanied by a side of toast,
On Monday what’s the cookie got
It’s beans a-simmer in the pot.
Tuesday we love pasta, right?
Pizza Wednesday, practice night.
Thursday with a price rise wince
We buy some Mad old Butchers mince.
Fish and chips, it’s Friday great
Come Saturday we dream of steak

Chef_rainrain1, Oct 18, 7:44 pm

likes a lot

Chef_rainrain1, Oct 19, 6:52 am

Chefs training ha ha not me, but I do have fully trained shepards who know a good Shepards Pie made with cold meat when they're hungry. Delicious , even if I do say so myself

Chef_rainrain1, Oct 19, 4:26 pm

My wonderful aunty made the most horrendous shepherds pie. she minced the left over roast meat, added water and onion, then as a treat put suet dumplings on the top. even as a child I knew this was BAD - still a wonderful woman but a woeful cook :)

Chef_karlymouse, Oct 19, 4:37 pm

could have been the whiskey, might have been the gin

Chef_rainrain1, Oct 19, 4:42 pm

My mother spoke of going out for afternoon tea near Dunedin.

"Is this mock cream in the cakes?"
"Yes, it comes from those mock cows over there?

Chef_olwen, Oct 19, 4:53 pm

Chances are, it was mock cream. Real milk, complete with cream was being turned into powder and sent overseas. And the mock cows, were there along with the mock chickens.When you became pregnant, you got a certificate from your Dr and that entitled you to 1lb of oranges a week. 1 pint of milk every 2 days (I think), certainly not every day and 1lb of white wool. Oranges were imported, milk exported and wool was being dyed khaki, navy or air force blue. Very little in the way of colours were available so old ones were unpicked along with clothes.

Chef_kay141, Oct 19, 5:24 pm

You don't need chefs training to make either a shepherd's or cottage pie and using cold cuts was how my Granny & Mum made them. It was a way of getting another meal for the family from what was left of Sundays roast.

Chef_nauru, Oct 19, 8:00 pm

I always thought the names were interchangeable and it seemed to depend on your ancestry. One for Scots and the other for English. Certainly did in my childhood neighbourhood. All were the same, minced cold meat, mixed with gravy and topped with mashed potato. Didn't seem to make a difference whether it was lamb or beef. It was never pork or chicken, they were luxury roasts in those days.

Chef_kay141, Oct 19, 8:11 pm

My pet hate!

Shepherds Pie is made from the ground up COOKED meat left over from the sat/sunday roast.

cottage pei is made from fresh mince.

If yourve never tried it, then you should ,,,it tastes totally different useing the ground left over already cooked roast meat.

its the same thing with a cornish pastie, it has ground left over meat and usally some apple. the idea was the miner could hold the end of the pasty and eat it from one end, throwing the bit he was holding away as his hands were covered in dirt from the mine, and the apple was so he could have his meal & pudding at the same time.

Chef_fewspot, Oct 19, 8:35 pm

Shepherds pie or cottage pie made with fresh mince is tasteless and *bleurk* - using roasted meat means you have all the flavour already.

Cornish pastes weren't made with mince traditionally at all, fresh or otherwise, but they had a dividing "line" of pastry with a sweet filling at one end and the crust for miners to use as a handle.

Chef_sarahb5, Oct 19, 8:41 pm

I have never had a Cornish Pasty with ground meat in it. They usually have rump or braising steak in.

Chef_nfh1, Oct 19, 8:48 pm

Care to enlighten us?

Chef_sarahb5, Oct 19, 8:51 pm

Me neither, they are usually a mixture of steak, potato, onion and swede.

Chef_nauru, Feb 28, 4:45 am

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