Risone Pie/Torte

gardie, Jan 24, 6:25am
I'm looking to make this after I had it in Blenheim and wondered if anyone here had a recipe - google is not my friend tonight.I'm thinking about combining eggs, milk, crumbled blue cheese with the cooked risone and perhaps some rice too and then baking this so that its like a baseless quiche.I'll pop in some chives and parsley chopped up as well.Maybe some sliced tomatoes on top to colour.
Can anyone tell me how they think this will work.Need to take a plate or two for lunch and thought this would suffice for one of them.

margyr, Jan 24, 7:10am
have not made it with risone, but have made with rice and it worked fine, line tin with baking paper. I also made muffin sized ones. Some spinach or silverbeet is nice in it also.

gardie, Jan 24, 7:35am
Fabulous - thanks margyr - baking paper - good tip.Didn't think about that.Muffin sizes ones sounds nice and I have some silverbeet in the garden so thanks for that - will pop some in too.

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