Ideas for left over food

toasted sandwiches with cheese

Chef_pericles, Apr 28, 2:20 pm


Chef_wheelmann, Apr 28, 2:30 pm

Really. have you not had left overs before

Chef_bosch2006, Apr 28, 2:40 pm

Shepherds pie

Chef_awoftam, Apr 28, 3:03 pm

Make less each time. Or when you make whatever it is, freeze some for those can't be bothered, or haven't time nights.

Chef_lythande1, Apr 28, 3:17 pm

Add a tin of kidney beans and maybe some tomato paste and put over corn chips for Nachos?, Apr 28, 4:56 pm

Freeze it and use as is next time

Chef_melford, Apr 28, 5:18 pm

Make mini pies or bread cases with mince and cheese. Pasta bake.
pizza topping.

Chef_ruby19, Apr 28, 6:04 pm

My dog loves leftovers . especially mince . get a dog :-)

Chef_ljayl, Apr 28, 7:18 pm

Add some tomato and use as a spaghetti sauce.
A lot of of odds and ends go well on jacket potatoes.

Chef_gaspodetwd, Apr 28, 7:31 pm

I freeze in a ice cream container & when I'm stuck for hubbies lunch I get it out pour a wee bit of boiling water place in pot & heat nothing like mince on toast with sauce. Also to make it go further & tastier add a tin of Spagetti.

Chef_pricilla, Aug 28, 12:50 pm

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