Gluten free people

We have a voucher for healtheries gf product, still getting to grips with gluten free baking. What would others recommend the healtheries simple bread mix or baking mix?

Chef_eljayv, Jun 17, 8:04 am

Unless you are wanting to make bread or pizza bases specifically I would go with the baking mix as you can make more things with that.

Chef_raloki, Jun 17, 8:21 am

Coming to grips with gluten free cooking as well. Didn't realise how many products have gluten in them. Shopping now involves a lot of label reading.

Now make cheese sauce with GF flour, and its actually nicer than wheat flour. Discovered potato flakes as an alternative to breadcrumbs for schnitzel, and rice flakes in crumble mix with almonds is my latest discovery.
Have been using Edmonds GF flours in my normal baking recipes and seems to be working well.

Would love to find a good bread recipe that isn't full of seeds and grains, so that is the next mission.

Chef_westigal, Jun 17, 12:31 pm

If you find one please share it.:))

Chef_eljayv, Jun 17, 12:43 pm

I use rice flour, cornmeal and almond meal in my baking instead of standard flour. Have yet to try making bread. Friends have a recipe that uses riced cauliflower for a pizza base.

Chef_cgvl, Jun 17, 6:20 pm

I like that blend. Equal parts? And is cornmeal fine ?

Chef_eljayv, Jun 17, 7:20 pm

I used Bakels Baking Mix Flour for all my baking and Bakels Pastry Mix for making pizza bases and pastry for pies, great results with using this flour, have tried the healtheries flour range and I didn't like it, I also find sifting the flour as well helps, also if a recipe doesn't call for a egg, use a egg as that helps as well

Chef_fishnwally, Jun 17, 8:00 pm

I just replace normal flour in recipes for GF flour when baking, making sauces etc. I use the free from or macro brand from countdown. Our countdown in Masterton has a gluten free section where I get pasta etc, but I do read labels a lot as well on other products. Always a good idea as manufacturers sometimes change what is in their product. For crumbing things for frying I often use polenta as we both like that. I am lucky in that our local farmers market sells a nice gluten free loaf of bread, and if I run out of that I use vogels gf which is the only one I have found that doesn't need toasting to make a good sandwich. I have made bread on occasion, but with varying degrees of success, none of them really good.

Chef_raloki, Jun 18, 8:58 am

I was wondering about pastry will look for Bakels, thanks.

Chef_eljayv, Jun 18, 9:51 am

Will have to try polenta, tried making cornmeal bread but recipe was too sweet. Going to try it again, less sugar, and baked in a loaf tin. Just want a sandwich bread, likewise that doesn't need toasting. Can't believe the price of GF products, breads so expensive and half of them taste like cardboard and have a texture like saw dust.
I know its expecting too much to want that "real bread " taste, but just to be able to enjoy a simple sandwich would be lovely. Am getting used to thin rice cakes now, nice with cheese and chutney.

Chef_westigal, Jun 18, 11:43 am

Depends what I am making, generally equal parts or slightly less of the cornmeal. Sometimes depending on what I am making just one of the flours is fine. Yes the cornmeal is the fine one.
There are other GF flours I have a list somewhere but have only really tried those 3. I use the cornmeal in Bread mostly.

Chef_cgvl, Jun 18, 1:55 pm

Oh I have also used Buckwheat flour, it is on my list of GF and Wheat free flours and is good in some baking but again I usually mix it with cornmeal in Bread.

Chef_cgvl, Jun 18, 9:41 pm

There is a recipe for Natalie's bread somewhere on the internet that is good.
Healtheries bread mix has a simple white bread on the back of the packet that is also quite good.

Chef_frances1266, May 19, 5:00 am

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