Chunky tomato sauce

Strawberry jam mastered yesterday. sooo good.

Thinking savoury next up, like a chutney but figure i'll ease into it with a tomato sauce. Baby steps you know.

Edmonds cookbook I leading towards. thing is i like my tom sauce chunkyish like the tuimato brand.

Says to run pulp thru seive. if I bypass this will i get stringy muck not fit for human consumption or a good alternative.

Cheers cooking peeps.

Chef_rotormotor7, Mar 31, 6:45 pm

Running it thru a sieve takes the tomato skins out, and any solids, But there is a way to avoid them being in the mix.
Have a bowl of boiling water and place each tomato in that, it will split the skin, which you then peal off, Then make your sauce.
If you are adding onions , just be sure to slice it Real thin, then cut across that real thin , and so on, so that it ends up real small.
Add mixed herb's .
Good fun, and I hope it all works well for you.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 31, 8:03 pm

instead of a sieve or mouli, just get out your old fashioned egg beater and whisk away. the sauce will not be smooth,but should be chunky. I do this with relish too.

Chef_korbo, Apr 3, 9:28 pm

Cool thanks guys/girls. We be trawling the riverbank market tomorrow for cheapest tomatoes. And particular variety i should look for over others?

Chef_rotormotor7, Apr 4, 12:04 pm

I whizz mine with a wand straight into the pot of hot sauce after it's cooked, skins and all.

Chef_deanna14, Apr 4, 8:09 pm

No not really, depends whether you are bothered by acid. The 'Roma' are less acid. But no, any sort are fine.

Chef_deanna14, Nov 7, 7:03 am

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