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gbking, Jun 6, 6:57am
My Dad always called mince on toast "shit on shingles"' nothing to do with Mum's cooking, he wasn't that brave, but from his days in the RNZAF in WW2, apparently the quality of the mince or the toast wasn't flash

bigjules1, Jun 6, 11:41am
Mince on toast is my most favourite of meals - I always make enough for left-overs for breakfast. If I was ever asked what my last meal would be then that is it.

fifie, Jun 7, 7:17am
Any left over mince is nice spread on a piece of fresh buttered bread with a squirt of tomato or chilli sauce rolled up like a cheese roll, grill or stick in your sandwich machine till toasted and oozing hot mince out of centre, spread top with lashings of butter and have in winter with soup, or make and freeze for later.

bev00, Jun 7, 12:04pm
an ol' fave

biddy6, Jun 8, 4:23am
I cooked a big batch in an enamel coated, cast iron dish recently - 2.5 hours in the oven at 125 deg and it was the yummiest mince ever. I had planned to freeze heaps but it was so darned good we had it for a few meals straight and only 1 piddly wee pottle made it to the freezer. I won't go back to cooking it on the stove top now.

A good beef stock is a must for stews & casseroles - far more important than browning first - which I don't do.

biddy6, Jun 8, 4:27am
Had some of those too, fifie :-) I wonder if mince rolls, like the cheese rolls, are a Southern thing? Good weather for this type of eating, aye!

Fresh thyme is also a lovely herb to add to pot.

ritebuy, Jun 8, 9:23am
when mince is cooked drop a few ice cubes into it the fat will gab the ice then take them out result fat fee mince

awoftam, Jun 8, 9:38am
Prime mince I get from butcher has no more fat than any other good cut of meat. However the ice cube idea is great! Makes me want to buy fatty mince just to try it lol

rainrain1, Jun 8, 10:22am
lol and why not!

ritebuy, Jun 8, 8:30pm
yes it makes good sense You get all the flavour without the fat I do it with all gravy and casseroles Also a pkt of oxtail soup mix to cook the mince in makes a very tasty mince

joybells2, Jun 8, 10:46pm
Off topic a bit but I went to the Womans Weekly website for recipes and found a meatloaf recipe from Annabelle White which had kumera in it, made it last night, was yuck., tasteless. Will stick to my meatloaf which is baked so browns up nice not grey looking muck.

kirmag, Aug 5, 10:35pm
Which is your fav recipe? Yes, yes I have searched. there are tonnes of threads on the topic, I don't have time to read through them all so starting another :)

Found this one, looks good

I would have to halve it tho, far too much for just 2 of us - love leftovers but we'd be eating it for DAYS.

cookessentials, Aug 5, 10:36pm
I am a fan of curried mince on toast and served on thick toast with butter.

kirmag, Aug 5, 10:38pm
Ooooh same cookessentials, yum brings back good childhood memories. unfortunately Mr Fusspot at home isn't a fan of curry haha.

dbab, Aug 5, 10:41pm
Make the whole recipe.
You can freeze the leftovers in meal sized portions. Its great reheated.

cookessentials, Aug 5, 10:44pm
Yes, I agree. I would still make It though and have leftovers the next day! Just make enough to satisfy your own hankering LOL.

kiwilion, Aug 6, 12:28am
I like my savoury mince with peas, carrots and corn in it as well. A small amount of curry powder adds to the flavour without making it taste like a curry. Yum.

With any leftovers you can put in pies or toastie pies, though I usually only do a 500g batch so not enough spare to freeze.

whitehead., Aug 6, 4:38am
i buy a good pie heat it then take the lid off and spoon the mince out onto my toast and give the left overs that are full of fat to the dog

jhan, Aug 6, 5:01am
Thats a good trick. I usually cook my mince until brown and then put it in a sieve and pour boiling water over it to get rid of the fat.

vtired, Aug 7, 9:23am
Brown 750g lean mince in frying pan with 1oz butter or 2tblsp oil, with 1 chopped onion 1 clove garlic (crushed) and 1/2 tsp mixed herbs, continue to cook until well brown, add 2 tblsps flour and continue to cook for 2 min, pour in 1 cup water, 3 tblsp tom sauce and a beef stk cube dissolved together and simmer 10-15 min, chop 3 tblsp parsley and add then serve on hot buttered toast with extra fresh parsley on top. This is a very basic recipe which I have used for years, sometimes I add tom paste and more garlic, other times I make it more like a hint of curry. I also add mixed vege and fresh toms if I keep it basic.

cookessentials, Aug 7, 10:12am
The curry one would be my favourite, especially on thick, buttered toast.

sarahb5, Aug 7, 10:53am
Have never made or eaten mince on toast but my son used to have toast instead of pasta when the rest of us had spaghetti bolognese because he didn't like pasta

rainrain1, Aug 7, 7:53pm
Ingenious. I like :-))

herself, Aug 7, 9:01pm
Freeze it. The recipe does state it is huge and to freeze what is not needed.

kirmag, Aug 7, 9:10pm
Yes I will do this now. Keep forgetting I have the big freezer now. only just got it and used to have a small piddly fridge/freezer. And I will make some lil pie/pasties for our work lunches with the leftovers too.

Making it tonight now, the Mr had sorted dinner on Monday so I didn't have to worry, looking forward to dinner tonight.

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