Vaccum packed meat shelf life

Yesterday I bought a whole scotch fillet vaccum packed from a butcher.
Wasn't until I got home that I saw the packed date was 7/6, with use by date of 7/7.
Would you take it back to the butcher for a replacement packaged recently, or should it still be OK to open and cut and freeze?

Chef_linzis, Jun 21, 8:46 am

The only way to really tell is to open it up and find out if it is o.k or not.
90 days shelf life is not unheard of but there are a lot of variables. The condition of the product when it was vac packed, the condition of the packaging and whether or not it has been kept at the right temperatures are the main ones.

If the bag has blown up or it smells gassy when you open it and the smell doesn't dissipate in a few minutes then take it back. If it's odourless or becomes that way in a few minutes then you probably have a nicely aged piece of meat.

Chef_edbabynz, Jun 21, 9:00 am


Chef_linzis, Jun 21, 9:09 am

I would take it back if you have the docket to prove when you bought it. They should not be selling it that long after the use by date.

Chef_letitia, Jun 21, 2:04 pm

It should be fine, still 17 days til the "use by" date.

Chef_r.d.a, Jun 21, 2:08 pm

On my calendar, it is still over 2 weeks until the 7th July which is the use by date. If it can't be used by then, freezing is a good idea.

Chef_kay141, Jun 21, 2:21 pm

Yes, my mistake, I read too quickly and only noticed 7/6.

Chef_letitia, Jun 21, 4:04 pm

Vaccum packed meat is fine up to the use by date and usually past a few days is fine also. I wouldn't open the packaging if you intend to freeze it. It would be far better to freeze in its vaccumed state.

Chef_tippsey, May 12, 9:54 pm

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