Lemons needed please

johne21, Mar 28, 7:42pm
I have used every last lemon on my tree, does any kind person in Hastings / Havelock North area have any spare please?

pickles7, Mar 28, 7:54pm
Your post reminded me of when we lived in Kawerau.
Kawerau had a long line of Lemon trees planted in town, for the towns folk to help themselves from, we also had a huge Herb garden. You could always find what you required. Here in Hastings, we have Olives.

village.green, Nov 20, 4:59pm
There's a shortage at the moment, I've taken to buying the lemon in a pouch made by Lemon Fresh, 99% lemon juice, 1% vit c. We have a small tree that only has green growing fruit at the moment and I normally purchase from my local fish shop as they sell 1kg bags for $2.50, however their usual supplier from Wellington hasn't had any for a few weeks now.
Refuse to pay $8 per kg for imported American ones.

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