Where to buy high-side silicone baking tin 20cm?

nunesy, Dec 16, 6:08pm
My hard-to-buy-for flatmate has just mentioned she'd LOVE to replace a silicone baking tin she lost in a small fire we had a few years ago. It was red silicon, high sided and about 20cm ish. I've looked on TM, Farmers, Stevens, Living and Giving and Spotlight! Have only looked online though. Has anyone seen these around? It's literally the only thing she's said she'd like so I'd really love to get it for her! The only ones I can find are 23cm+ and low sided. Thanks heaps!

kaddiew, Dec 16, 6:21pm
Briscoes sell a high sided 20cm red baking tin that's loaf shaped. Could that be it? Says out of stock for online shopping, but sometimes I've found that doesn't apply across each store.


nunesy, Apr 5, 7:09pm
Thank you - I had forgotten about Briscoes. But no, it was a round cake tin, not a loaf pan. (I just searched, they don't have one online). I remember it and it was very handy!

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