Bacon Hock Skins. Birds are hungry this

time of year. Chop up the skins and watch the birds have feast. I put the bone out as well and a couple of hours later pick it up and only the bare bone is left.

Chef_clair4, Jul 22, 6:37 pm

I Used to give it to my chooks too a little fat is good for them especially in winter.

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Jul 22, 7:39 pm

Funny, today I also chopped up a whole chicken skin with lots of fat on it for the bids. They were busy the whole day tearing skin pieces apart and they were really quiet today, unlike when they are fed with bread by neighbours, didn't have this constant bird traffic and noise.

Chef_lenart, Jul 22, 7:39 pm

My birds do not get such lovely things.
I eat it all myself :)

Chef_uli, Jul 22, 9:11 pm

I put some bacon hock soup on the grass I had defrosted and not eaten. The birds loved it. My dog rolled in it and wandered about the place smelling like soup. I feed the birds every morning (seed) and they come down and wait. If I am late they peer in through the ranch slider - looks very funny. Trouble is they poo everywhere.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 22, 9:14 pm

I'm just going out to feed mine, seeds, fruit, and peanut butter today. they sit by my window too, looking in.

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 23, 8:45 am

Been there, done that with thrush, doves and most recently a blackbird and sparrows. Like you say it's all really cute till you step in something less than desirable. Our own fault though, if you offer food and there's always water available for them plus the right trees for the native birds their 'offerings' shall follow.

Your dog has good taste, bacon hock soup is worthy of homage. :)

Chef_sampa, Jul 23, 9:06 am

i have a bird bath in my yard and im surprised how many birds are lineing up for a bath on cold frosty mornings 7.15am there was a thrush in having a bath this morning and a black bird went in straight after that the sparrows sit around the edge and wait till the big birds have finished and in they go one at a time . its just a kids play pool with rain water and a board lent on the side down into the water

Chef_whitehead., Jul 23, 3:00 pm

I hung today's bacon hock rind in a tree for the birds. One of the cats has spend over an hour now trying to figure out how to get it.

Chef_morticia, Jul 23, 3:02 pm

I have been doing this, no hungry birds at my place. I also put out halved fruit, wild bird seed and have a coconut hanging in the tree. But despite reading somewhere that the birds love eating the coconut flesh, the birds around here don't touch it. So I fill it with seed instead.

Chef_jia5, Jul 23, 4:49 pm

I melt lard, add 1 cup cornmeal, and pour into gem irons each with a spoon of bird seed in. When set, place in shallow pan hot water so they're easy to flick out and store in the freezer in an icecream container. Very happy birds.

Chef_hezwez, Jul 23, 5:11 pm

Birds should be on 'twitter' for your place hezwez. ;-) Lucky them!

Chef_sampa, Jul 23, 8:17 pm

I just buy wild bird mix & have a bird feeder & I also scatter it on the lawn . close to a bird bath & I get immense pleasure watching the variety of birds feeding, sparrows & natives.
They have decimated my silver beet as well . can't even find some to give the chooks!

Chef_samanya, Jul 23, 9:12 pm

Part of the reason I encouraged the Thrush was that they return every year and nest in our front trees which are just by where our teeny, weeny veg plot is so of course there were always hungry birds looking for food which meant - no snails or slugs to contend with in veg plot. Excellent = no slug pellets needed. Until they discovered that the dogs bowl was just inside the door and kibble is yummo. After that it was all on with them wandering in at will. Spring is in the air (for now) so we'll see what this year brings.

Chef_sampa, Jul 24, 10:37 am

Last year I had a thrush came to a pole by my house every day at the same time, it sang it's heart and sole out for weeks. I missed it when it stopped coming, so I'm hoping it will be back this year again. The little Te Kanawa sings the most beautiful songs

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 24, 2:14 pm

It probably still came but once they start having a partner and are breeding they cease their love songs :)

Will start soon again no doubt.

Chef_uli, Jul 24, 5:54 pm

Might spend even more time to figure out how to get the birds attracted to it :)

Chef_uli, Jul 24, 5:54 pm

I have blackbirds doing just the same. Same branch, same tree, every night as i prepare the evening meal . always there & I just love them.

Chef_samanya, Jul 24, 8:24 pm

I think (no scientific backup for my theory) they're either trying to get a mate or establishing boundary limits.

Chef_sampa, Jul 24, 8:48 pm


Chef_awoftam, Jul 24, 9:10 pm

Maybe . I can almost set the clock by my lot.

Chef_samanya, Feb 18, 10:10 pm

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