Cooking on

Did anyone watch the cooking on TVone at 10am.
A guy was making a casserole dish, with vegetables.
I didnt see the start and am wondering what the meat was he put in.
hope someone watched, as it looked yummy.
The meat was cooked, as he said the liquid was from what the meat was cooked in. thx

Chef_korbo, Jul 31, 10:15 am

A dirty looking ram. lol

Chef_pickles7, Jul 31, 10:59 am

Just had a quick look on TV1 + 1 and the meat that was used in "Nana Winnie's Hot Pot" was mutton. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 31, 11:10 am

thank you. funny tho, dont see any mutton for sale these days.

Chef_korbo, Feb 2, 5:49 am

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