Low carb truffles (power balls?) recipe please

sharp-as, Dec 8, 8:05am
I need a recipe for low carb truffles please. I found one with dates in it but not keen on the flavour or texture of them so giving that recipe a miss :-)

awoftam, Dec 8, 9:16am
Heaps online; here's one:


Annabel Langbein also does one with 80% plus cacao chocolate and cream cheese; you can add other flavours as you like. Will be on her website.

trigal1, Dec 8, 9:41am
I created something on the spot a couple of years ago; more along the lines of the raw stuff (though not intentionally). It does contain dates but you can put in just enough to sweeten without being overpowering. I just created it on the spot and chucked the ingredients in the food processor. I don't recall the quantities but you could try say a cup of ground almonds, half a cup of coconut (lightly toasted if you prefer), 4 Tbspns cocoa (or more to taste) and about six to eight dates. Soften the dates in just enough hot water for about 10 minutes, drain and reserve the water in case it's required to moisten the mixture. roll in coconut or cocoa or whatever you want (ground, toasted nuts).

sharp-as, Dec 9, 4:26am
Thank you :-)

awoftam, Apr 30, 10:02am
I did a similar thing last xmas and added ground ginger to some; roughly chopped choccy to others (80%). Once you actually start you realise the potential and I made enough 'balls' to feed an army for weeks lol. I got quite carried away! Was fun.

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