Use by on yeast beware

chinalegin, Mar 8, 7:51am
As i was playing with bread maker i needed yeast and a few other ingredients so off to the rangiora countdown i go we have 2.went to the small 1 looked at dates on yeast they run out may 15.i questioned it they said never has long to the second and theres run out feb 15 they said oops.but did find 1 july 15.buyers beware

korbo, Mar 8, 7:53am
what would be the danger of using yeast that is past its before date.?

chinalegin, Mar 8, 8:09am
yeast dies.i not risking old yeast will end up throwing out if doesn't rise.And i not buying out of date yeast

joybells2, Mar 8, 8:27am
Yes it has always had dates on it, I always check first but in saying that I have used it beyond the date and it has been okay.

aj.2., Mar 8, 8:37am
I too have used it past its use by date, and no worry, was about 2 months past the date.

wendalls, Mar 8, 10:33am
Yep. Just one of those things you may use once then it's no good. You can test it by adding a teaspoon to lukewarm water with a tsp of sugar as well. If it smells yeasty and froths after 5 or 10 mins, alls good. If not then don't waste your ingredients and time, you need fresh stuff!

kaddiew, Mar 8, 9:20pm
I certainly would never buy outdated or short dated yeast - but have often used yeast in my fridge that's several months past its use by date, and it's always worked just fine.

You can always buy it by the spoonful at Binn Inn.

buzzy110, Mar 8, 9:21pm
I store mine in the freezer. I might use it once a year if I'm lucky. Still going strong after 4 years in the freezer.

whitehead., Mar 8, 9:47pm
there is one brand that has a made date on it , im guessing that you buy it at your own risk . ive only had trouble with yeast when ive made the water too hot

sampa, Mar 8, 10:06pm
Obviously don't go out of your way to purchase yeast past or getting close to it's best before date but, if in doubt, simply test it as wendalls has mentioned and store yeast once it's been opened in the fridge or freezer to extend its life.

hestia, Mar 9, 12:42am
I have had yeast die on me before reaching the 'best by' date, so I always check the date on the packet/container and store it in the freezer (thanks to all the people here who gave this suggestion).

kay141, Mar 9, 2:02am
Yeast has a short shelf life so any on the supermarket shelves should have a best before date of about two months. Freezing it will delay the day it dies.

nauru, Mar 9, 7:25am
I have used yeast way past it's best/sell by date with no problems at all, bread etc still baked nicely. Also, I always keep my yeast in the freezer.

wendalls, Mar 9, 8:49am
Well thanks coz I never knew that! I have quite a bit of the stuff too for some reason, Jan 6, 3:50pm
Well I thought I was being really clever a few months ago and bought a 500g vacuum pack of yeast for $4 (standard price) from Davis Trading and put it in the freezer, within a couple of months it didn't work, after testing it in warm water so i threw it out. I was expecting it to work for a few months at least? hence me feeling really smug at finding such a big pack for so little money. I just buy little pottles now from supermarket and always check the dates.

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