Gluten free & Yeast Free pizza base.

nzbadger, Sep 26, 3:44am

Have been diagnosed with Level 3 Type 3 allergy to yeast & am dying for a pizza. How could I make a base? Any ideas. GF also.

shelley39, Sep 26, 3:46am
Pack n save have GF pizza bases. I dont know if they are yeast free.

nzbadger, Sep 26, 4:16am
OK thanks, I will have a look, but suspect they would have Yeast

martine5, Sep 26, 4:18am
I know hells do GF not sure about the yeast free either.Do hope you find what you are looking for, the healthy food guide put a recipe in the star sunday times for a "pizza"which was rice based, you may wasnt to check it out.

nzbadger, Sep 26, 4:24am
Thanks I will have a look for that recipe. Someone in Health just told me about 'Freefrom Pizza Dough Mix' that doesn't have yeast.
Its all so overwhelming when 1st confronted with these allergies! What would we do without these TradeMe Messageboards!
Its always the 1st place I come to after google! :-)

nanasee1, Sep 26, 4:39am
This makes a nice base and is yeast & gluten free.

Pizza Bases – Gluten Free

225 grams GF Flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp Baking Powder
60 g butter
140 ml milk/water
Rub butter into dry. Mix with liquid. Knead well

nzbadger, Jun 3, 7:48pm
THanks will give it a go. Cheers