Apple Corer, Peeler, Slicer - Have you used one?

Has anyone used an apple corer, peeler, slicer? Are they any good? Or more of a hassle than it's worth?

Chef_carter441, May 8, 10:28 am

I use mine only when I have a large quantity of apples to peel, like for dehydrating. Getting the apple central on the spikes is important for less wastage & I like how it cuts slices evenly . especially for something like a Tarte Tatin.

Chef_samanya, May 8, 10:56 am

Thanks very much! Do you happen to know whether you could cut kumaras on it?

Chef_carter441, May 8, 10:57 am

Haven't got one but Stephen Fry loves them!

Chef_clareo, May 8, 11:00 am

i love mine. especially when apples are new .

i used to sent it to school with a bag of apples - for a shared lunch.

Unfortunately, I needed to start sending two bags. Becuase kids would cry if they missed out on an apple

Chef_duckmoon, May 8, 11:21 am


Chef_carter441, May 8, 11:51 am

It probably would, but I can see a problem because Kumara are fairly 'bumpy'. I tried Feijoas & they were too soft to stay in place on the spikes that holds the fruit firmly.

Chef_samanya, May 8, 3:26 pm

I don't believe you can do potatoes or kumara on the one shown.

Chef_korban, May 8, 4:59 pm

I bought one off here a couple of years ago and use it when I stew a big batch to freeze. It's fantastic and makes the job so much quicker. I wouldn't bother for just one or two apples though.

Chef_pamellie, May 8, 5:26 pm

i think a kumera would be too hard for the peeler/cutter

Chef_duckmoon, May 8, 6:03 pm

They are a lot cheaper on here. I've used mine for pears as well by taking off the slicer and corer bit, worked quite well, havn't tried it on anything else.

Chef_dezzie, May 9, 1:00 pm

i have done potaotes - which are about the same density, texture as apples

Chef_duckmoon, May 9, 4:04 pm

the cheap ones out now have to be nursed along. they are being sold at mitre 10 and shops for nearly $40 and are weak and not well built. I bought mine at mitre10 and was disappointed. the lad was too enthusiastic with it and couldn't work it. it does potato spirals and then you are left with the potato core

Chef_mothergoose_nz, May 9, 4:38 pm

Mine's quite old . bought it a few years ago at Ellerslie Flower show, I thought it was a bit expensive, even at the 'special' price, but I dehydrate a lot of apples for snacks so took the plunge. It's as solid as, I'd never seen one before, so maybe the newer ones are less robust?

Chef_samanya, Aug 14, 6:41 am

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