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dallyfeline, May 9, 6:14am
please can someone tell me how to keep lettuce fresh in fridge .I have tried the avon green bowl no didn't work then someone suggested wrap tight in newspaper ,also tried Tupperware bowl no sucess

motorbo, May 9, 6:24am
get a non hairy tea towel, wrap it in that and then in a shopping plastic bag. you may need to change the tea towel, and you may find the outer 1-2 leaves no good or the stem needs a trim, otherwise - good to go. a cut red pepper. fold some papertowel and sit on the cut, wrap firmly in plastic wrap. always line the bottom of your vege draw with a tea towel and change this weekly. the dry towel absorbs moisture

nauru, May 9, 6:50am
I keep mine in a tupperware fridgesmart container (long one) lined with kitchen roll. I always buy the fancy/frilly type lettuce as don't like the iceberg one and it stays fresh for quite a while too. I wash what I need and spin it at the time of use. No more throwing half out because it's gone off. I've tried several of those lettuce (bowl) keepers over the years but don't think they work very well.

fifie, May 9, 10:35am
Havent tried this but she recons it keeps them fresh 2 weeks.

karrie3, May 9, 11:35am
I wrap lettuce tightly in a supermarket bag and keep in the chill vege drawer (middle one) of the fridge. And also don't cut it into wedges with a metal knife, just pull off the leaves as needed and tear or cut on the bench . Most easily last a week. Or they're eaten by then anyway !

village.green, May 9, 8:19pm
I wrap mine in about 3 sheets of handy towel (all in one length) just wind it around and then plastic bag anywhere in fridge as it absorbs the moisture. I find cos and other crunchy lettuce keeps the longest. The floppy ones not so much. A girl I worked with 20 years ago told me this and have had good results.

retired, May 9, 8:39pm
Back in the long distant past they used to put a piece of coal in with the lettuce for storing. Don't know if it worked and would think a piece of coal would be hard to find for many!

motorbo, May 9, 9:08pm
a tea towel is cheaper to use and lasts longer than paper towels as it absorbs more moisture and doesn't fall apart

nzhel, May 10, 3:57am
The Tupperware lettuce keeper bowls used to work really well years ago, and the lettuce would stay fresh in them for ages. I don't know what they do to lettuces these days as I find in general they they just don't keep well anymore.

iamriff, May 10, 5:14am
There is a product usually sold in the vege section of the supermarket called Be Fresh which keeps veges crisper for longer in the crisper section of your fridge. I usually also dampen slightly a paper towel, put it in with the lettuce after removing the core. Then put it in a plastic bag that i blow up a little and tie the top tight. Keeps em nice and crispy. Cheers

camper18, May 10, 5:21am
Wrap all my lettuce, celery, broccoli, leeks in foil wrap and it keeps for ages.

pamellie, May 10, 5:42am
I keep mine in a plastic box, just wash it first. Keeps really well like this for me.

jaybee6, May 10, 7:38am
Keep mine in a stainless bowl that has the washer spinner on top. I pull the core out wash the leaves and dry in this spinner and then store in it. Lasts for ever.

kiwilion, May 10, 7:57am
I use the green tupperware lettuce bowl and it keeps the lettuce fresh for weeks.

fishplants, May 18, 6:05am
I simply put it into a plastic bag into the fridge.

rainrain1, May 18, 6:29am
Yes, washed and put in a plastic bag in the fridge , the best of the lot

anne1955, May 18, 6:41am
Yeap for me it's wash whole or just sprinkle some water straight into bag no over wet just some handful :) and in bag in fridge. Or if fancy one with roots still on them into water in fridge

sarahb5, May 18, 8:13am
The new Tupperware vented veggie containers - vent smart I think they're called - they really do work

taurus2005, May 21, 4:12am
Yep, make sure no air gets in the bag, stays crispy for ages.

blueviking, May 21, 8:29pm
I just keep one of the outer large leaves that covers the lettuce. This leaf will slowly wilt and the rest of the lettuce stays fine. Usually lasts 7-10 days.

eljayv, May 21, 9:00pm
I have one of these (very old) but the centre piece that goes into the core space is missing, still keeps it okay.

eljayv, May 21, 9:04pm
Don't know where I went wrong but they don't work for me.

pickles7, May 21, 10:39pm
Same, and never throw even 1 leaf out. If it is a wee bit soft wash and leave on the bench for a while to rehydrate

buzzy110, May 23, 5:34am
Yep. I'd go one step further and say USE THE VEGETABLE CRISPER BIN that comes with the fridge. Those things really work. So - Plastic bag (sealed or folded under) - into vegetable bin, close the bin and shut the fridge door.

Food eventually goes off in the bin if kept too long but that is an entirely different issue.

Also the stem of the lettuce rots, no matter what you do) so when you pull off leaves be sure to trim the exposed stem as well but don't remove the centre stem or the leaves will wilt fast.

fishplants, May 23, 5:48am
Hi buzzy - amazing how little food knowledge comes down in schools these days . not to mention how to keep food alive and healthy . bottling, freezing, fermenting et al.

But the budget will now give beneficiaries $25 more a week and then they have to abandon their kids at year 3 and go back to work . amazing!

Wouldn't it be better to have compulsary food lessons at school. Who is going to look after those 3 year old while mum works I wonder? And what will they then do with those extra $25? They will come home stressed and will be "assembling" something out of prefabricated stuff they picked up on the way home.

Not healthy at all in the long term.

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