Sweetcorn Fritter advice.

How do I get 'fluffier' - (if there's such a word) sweetcorn fritters? Am using the Edmonds Cookbook recipe but can't manage to make them lighter and fluffier.

Chef_clem.fortes, Jun 10, 11:20 am

For fluffier mussel fritters I whip the egg white, so it creates peaks and fold it in t the mixture. You could try that with sweetcorn fritters too i'm sure. Also if not doing that, the trick is not not over mix., you should stop when ingredients are just combined sorta.

Chef_kirmag, Jun 10, 11:29 am

Kirmag I must try your idea, as for me I use half flour half corn flour, yes to fold in the egg white as in when sponge making makes then nice & light so same for fritters. Thanks.

Chef_pricilla, Jun 10, 11:36 am

I do not use flour. Just egg, salt, pepper, chopped onion if liked, creamed corn and 1/2 cup soft breadcrumbs.

Chef_fluffyb, Jun 10, 12:06 pm

Oooh i'm going to give that a go next time. Might make sweetcorn fritters to go with dinner tonight.

Chef_kirmag, Jun 10, 12:10 pm

Yes, bring on the tricks to ensure fluffiness! My fritters could do with a good dose of fluff-enhancement too.

Chef_sampa, Jun 10, 12:20 pm

I use a piklet mix without the sugar, and then cook them as a piklet. Less oily and they come out nice and fluffy.

Chef_jobb, Jun 11, 9:50 am

I NEVER use creamed corn for my fritters. Mine are dead easy, you couldn't possibly get it wrong and they come out perfect and light and fluffy every time. Drain one can of corn kernals into a cup. Leave the kernals in the can for now. In another bowl whisk an egg and add bout a cup of self raising flour or more depending on how far you want them to go. Combine into a batter by slowly adding the corn juice and if you run out of juice just add water. Then add salt n pepper and toss in the corn. EASY. Perfect everytime.

Chef_rozigurl, Jun 12, 8:21 am

Sounds great rozigurl, I will definitely try your recipe, maybe even tonight.
I have to say my pikelets and scones made with self raising flour always turn out light and fluffy.

Chef_kiwilion, Jun 12, 1:01 pm

Personally, I have always found that they cook better if the mixture is fairly stiff rather than runny so I would not be putting too much liquid into your mixture. At least start with a thickish consistency and then you can water it down if you are not happy with it.

Chef_pogram0, Jun 12, 9:02 pm

Hi, just make sure your eggs & milk are room temperature, same with piklets and pancakes they come out light and fluffy every time

Chef_baitcatcher, Jun 12, 10:34 pm

Add a dollop of sweet chilli sauce.

Chef_kindajojo, Jun 12, 10:58 pm

Or a chopped fresh chilli to taste - doesn't have the sugar sweet chilli sauce has.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 13, 5:46 pm

. or chopped lightly fried bacon. hmmm

Chef_kindajojo, Jun 13, 5:52 pm

I separate the eggs and beat the whites, and this makes them very light and "fluffy".

Chef_lidbud, May 31, 12:53 pm

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