Seafood chowder

ford36, May 18, 1:05am
Ok so I have a few crayfish what else can I add to make a yummy tasty seafood meal? I have only ever had crays in a bread roll with thousand island dressing lol

flancrest, May 18, 1:41am
You could make a chowder.
But my favourite for Crays is to make a nice mornay sauce, then bake in dish with breadcrumb and cheese topping. Simple, but amazing.

kirmag, May 18, 4:52am
If I had crayfish it wouldn't make it out of the cooked shell to a chowder or mornay. Yummmm

52many, Jul 26, 3:17am
You could eat half of your crayfish as a mornay and the other half as a chowder. I use Jamie Olivers recipe. It's yummy!

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