Air fryer

Does anyone have one? Want to hear some feedback on them and model recommendation.

Chef_bogeyi, Jul 26, 10:34 am

Im looking at getting the phillips. one? Probably the xl . on special at farmers. what about you?

Chef_trinoxy, Jul 27, 8:54 am

I have the Philips XL. Only had it a week but it is amazing. We have cooked chips, nuggets, salmon fillet, monkfish and sizzlers. I am going to try a cake today

Chef_welderman, Jul 27, 9:44 am

Let us know how you get on with a cake please?

Chef_eljayv, Jul 27, 10:33 am

Hi, i got one today 3litre . wait for it. $125. its a Mistral one. Used it tonight, goes great.

Chef_trinoxy, Feb 9, 9:17 pm

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