Anyone got an air fryer - what do you think?

hil1, Aug 18, 12:31am
Am thinking of buying one but would like to see what other people think of them! TIA

kiwitrish, Aug 18, 12:44am
I would be interested to know also.

hil1, Aug 18, 1:51am
Like the Tefal Actifry one!

pgta, Aug 18, 4:09am
I don't have one but have looked at them before but they seem expensive and very limited in what they can be used for

slimgym, Aug 18, 11:27am
we love ours, you can cook heaps in them, check out the recipe book that comes with them.Great for cooking chips dont have to stand over them just turn it on put chips in put timer on and go away,No danger of fat fireBriscoes have them wait for a sale

twocorks, Aug 19, 8:18am
Had one for years, would'nt be without it. I can cook chops and add vegetables I have rubbed a little oil on and cook my greensin a pot and thats dinner cooked! Chickens and roasts cook beautifully too.

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