Savory smoked chicken

SIL saw a recipe in the NZWW about 6 weeks ago and now can't find the recipe. All she can remember is that it has Watties Chicken Breast Chunks smoked flavour and watties chuck wagon corn. It is made in muffin tins and has no pastry base. Any one out there can help her, would be much appreciated.TIA

Chef_susieq9, Mar 25, 11:25 am

Chef_samanya, Mar 25, 2:10 pm

Searched through that and nothing. Thanks though.

Chef_susieq9, Mar 25, 3:05 pm

Chef_unknowndisorder, Mar 25, 3:13 pm

unknowndisorder. you are a gem. Thank you.

Chef_susieq9, Nov 28, 11:14 pm