The CHEAP Shiraz Wine Thread.

Are you a CHEAP Shiraz fan? Got a secret to share? My favourite CHEAP Shiraz is Timara - only $9 a bottle. I just opened a bottle of Durbanville 2010 Shiraz which normally costs a little more but it was on special so I thought I would try it - what a mistake that was - I think Todd Carney may have tampered with it.

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 6, 6:31 pm

Me too. I usually restrict myself to a couple of glasses.

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 6, 7:15 pm

I reckon you are probably correct. :)

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 6, 7:16 pm

i prefer a merlot. $7-$10 are damm nice

Chef_pussy01, Jul 6, 7:18 pm

Thread hijacked by Merlot lovers. Damn!

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 6, 7:22 pm

yes I like merlot. used to love a sav and now can find them quite a head spinner .

Chef_motorbo, Jul 6, 7:31 pm

Nah it's gotta be Syrah! Villa Maria cellar selection to be exact.

Chef_wheelz, Jul 6, 7:33 pm

Def not!
Just 1 I tasted, best red so far.

Chef_wheelz, Jul 6, 10:32 pm

Banrock Station White Shariz is a lovely wine, not too sweet and not acidic. goes with red or white meat, looks great in a wine glass as it is a mid pink colour and is only $8.99 at PNS

Chef_lcl2, Jul 7, 8:57 am

LOL I get lala just opening the bottle so have to stick to 1 glass

Chef_lcl2, Jul 7, 8:57 am

Wine Thieves Snatched Shiraz. Thru wine4u website. I buy a dozen when its $6-$7 on there. have the special every 2-3 months. Great wine and great price!

Chef_kirmag, Jul 7, 2:22 pm

Matua Pinot Noir or The Idealist Pinot Noir (Waipara Valley) are both soooooooooo yummy

Chef_ljayl, Jul 7, 2:39 pm

you know what, I full agree that you can get an awesome wine for $10. I have got a Spanish wine called Marqués de Riscal Próximo Rioja, $9.99, it beautiful, medium body, great flavours. great wine for the price. highly recommend it anyone

Chef_madibug, Jul 7, 8:20 pm

Interesting but I can't find any mention of it anywhere except for on Wine4u. It has a ton of favourable reviews and all the other wines on the site have none.

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 8, 6:04 pm

Searched for it - $20 at all the NZ sites which stocked it.

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 8, 6:05 pm

I hadnt heard of it before either but saw it on there so thought I'd give it a go. and was very happy with it. Enjoying a glass or 2 now.

Chef_kirmag, Jul 8, 6:06 pm

I agree, very nice indeed! Just enjoying one right now, was on special at New World, McGuigans Black Label Merlot.

Chef_kiwilion, Jul 8, 6:42 pm

If you can get a Taylors red wine under ten bucks you are on to a winner!

Chef_thuntzster, Jul 9, 6:57 pm

Aha, I have a bottle ot Taylor's Shiraz 2010. Was a Countdown special of course BUT I see it's only $11 Countdown Online and I think I paid a little more ON SPECIAL. Ack, never trust wine retailers with their pricing!

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 9, 7:35 pm

Am on line to order it as we speak.

Chef_thuntzster, Jul 9, 7:45 pm

I like McGuigans shiraz, buy it on special at NW for $7.00. Have some expensive wines at home too, but I like McGuigans better.

Chef_ross67, Jul 10, 4:43 am

Looking for San Pedro wines in particular one called Gato Negro have called many wine shops to no avail.Anyone on here heard of it and more importantly where it can be purchased.Thank you.

Chef_bottynoodle, Jul 10, 4:35 pm

I just stripped the lining of my stomach. Might have to drink extra water - feel a headache coming on.

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 10, 9:02 pm

same here. I keep trying but so far the McGui has won.

Chef_cappina, Jul 10, 9:04 pm

back to the shiraz - Hardy's and I think there is a Matthew Longridge (or something, haven't seen it in a while) Shiraz mix.

Chef_ruby2shoes, Jul 11, 4:56 pm

for red wine lovers

Chef_bev00, Jul 11, 11:45 pm

I have found Edenvale Shiraz is a nice one .especially to serve to visitors who are driveing as it is Alchol Removed.I can enjoy a few glasses without any effect $10 at PnS they also have chardonay and rosa all nice

Chef_virea, Jul 12, 8:23 am

I like Hardy's merlot cheap as chips .
I thought shiraz a bit sharp but happy to be corrected .

Chef_addington261, Jul 14, 7:28 pm

Rumours Shiraz . cheaper than cheap and gave me a really pleasant surprise . quite more-ish

Chef_ljayl, Mar 10, 6:50 am

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