Sweetcorn fritters

Does anyone know if you can use cornflour instead of normal flour to make sweetcorn fritters gluten free. I have to go to an afternoon drinkies session tomorrow and the hostess can't eat gluten but I only have cornflour (no rice flour). I do have some almond meal as well.

Chef_tinkagirl, Mar 23, 4:29 pm

tinkagirl, I'm not GF and I haven't ever had to cook for anyone who is GF so I can't advise you from personal experience however I would think that you could use cornflour for the fritters - be careful though that the cornflour is actually maize cornflour and not wheaten cornflour. Also if you're using baking powder, check that it too is GF.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Mar 23, 4:36 pm

Thanks 245sam I think the cornflour is maize as it is the same that she uses. But I can't check my baking powder as I have it in a container. Maybe best I stick to potato chips. thanks for replying.

Chef_tinkagirl, Mar 23, 4:42 pm

You're welcome tinkagirl - I was going to add the following link to my above posting but I'll add it here for you now:-


I thought that, using the above recipe, you may have been able to use the almond meal that you have.
Re the baking powder - an alternative would be to use cream of tartar and baking soda if you have them. I very rarely use baking powder now and I only do so because I am using the last of the supply that I found in our caravan cupboard. For every tsp baking powder I find that it works ok to use 1 tsp cream of tartar and ½ tsp baking soda.

Edited to add that I note that the recipe on the above link doesn't actually have any baking powder/raising agent(s).

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Mar 23, 4:47 pm

Wow that is awesome and that recipe looks really good so I think I will give that a go. Thanks heaps for your help :-)

Chef_tinkagirl, Mar 23, 5:09 pm

I use polenta, cream and frozen corn as my corn fritter mix, gluten free. I blitz it all together and then add a some more corn kernels, season, sometimes adding chopped spring onion or a cut fresh chilli.

Chef_parsondian, Mar 23, 6:37 pm

Well,it ain't haute cuisine,but Kate's Corn Fritters are pretty damned good. I'm not a measurer,but a can of Wattie's creamed-corn is the starter.Add an egg or two,about a cup of rolled-oats,a,bit of wholemeal flour,salt+pepper,a tablespoon of brown sugar.mix,and let rest for an hour or so.When about to cook,add a good teaspoon of baking powder,If too thin,add more flour.Nice with finely-chopped bacon in,too.

schnauzer11 (106 106 positive feedback) 4:21 p

Chef_bev00, Jun 24, 10:23 pm

i put a couple of tablespoons of rolled oats with the corn,and leave for 30 mins before adding 2 eggs,a bit of flour and a tsp baking powder. Makes brilliant fritters.

schnauzer11 (106 106 positive feedback) 8:14 pm, Sun 21 Jul #9

Chef_bev00, Jul 23, 11:56 pm

Mashed cooked kumera also added makes a very filling meal.

Chef_cleggyboy, Jul 24, 9:20 am

some great GF variations

Chef_bev00, Jul 24, 11:20 pm

I use water chestnut flour and let it sit for 1/2 hour before cooking. Love the flavour more than I do plain flour.

Chef_jan2242, Feb 17, 2:08 pm

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