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pp11, Dec 31, 11:59pm
Love the sound of this rose52, I have just put white beans on my shopping list :)

pp11, Jan 1, 12:00am
I would never have thought of putting it with steak, sounds delicious :)

rose52, Jan 1, 8:09am
i think you could put all sorts of things in with white beans, maybe pesto, or spinach? Forgot to add - drain and rinse the beans before blitzing :)

worzel6, Jan 1, 8:15am
this one is yummy! I add a lot of the brine as well, but it is best made the day before as it is a bit runny to start with.

xtownie, Jan 1, 8:21am
Pottle of cream cheese mixed with 1/2 a jar of Watties Bit on the side Sweet Onion Marmalade is a great dip

kaluhanz1, Dec 29, 5:46am
Does anyone have the recipe for a capsicum dip. It has sliced up capsicum, boiled in like a sugar vinegar mix. Then is poured/tiped onto cream cheese.

luckylady88, Dec 30, 8:09am
The dip in a cobb loaf is exceptionally nice. Lot's of version's available. Very filling as so moorish!

tumbys02, Dec 30, 11:05pm
It is called Rudolph's Nose
1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 tspn turmeric, 1/2 cup malt vinegar, 1tbspn sweet chilly sauce, 1 large finely chopped red capsicum. Put all In pot and bring to boil, reduce to a simmer for 20-30mins until it starts to thicken. Cool. When cold tip over tub of cream cheese.

cgvl, Dec 30, 11:50pm
Sour cream or spreadable cream cheese with spicy plum sauce poured over top. Variations in our house are sweet chilli or any nice chutney.

kaluhanz1, Dec 31, 2:03am
Yummy, Thank you

rose52, Dec 31, 2:39am
A lovely fresh dip is a tin of white beans into the food processor with lots of fresh basil, garlic and lemon juice, pepper and salt - yum!

kitj1, Jan 1, 9:08am
I harvested my spinach as its trying to bolt. Washed and picked the smallest leaves into food processor. Added cracked pepper, 1/4 cup of olive oil, clove of garlic and 250 gram block of feta cheese. Blitz and thin as necessary with small additions of olive oil. YUM! If it survives the hoards even better the next day especially as a sandwich spread or with new potatoes and steak.

xtownie, Jan 4, 6:08am
Please can I have some tasty recipes and ideas for dips. I know there's some lovely ones ready made in the supermarkets but still made from scratch are nice

kirmag, Jan 4, 8:02am
seafood soup mix, reduced cream and vinegar make as you would onion dip and add a tin of smoked mussels cut in half. if you like seafood that is.

carlosjackal, Jan 4, 8:41am
A Salsa I make is delicious (if that counts as a dip?)

Can post recipe if you like.

sarahb5, Jan 4, 8:43am
Pretty much anything that doesn't involve soup mix or reduced cream is OK with me - gross - cream cheese and gherkin or sweet chilli relish, guacamole, hummus - loads really


drommy, Jan 4, 9:21am
Guacamole is my favourite at the moment. chopped avocado, chilli, lashings of lime juice, a bit of red onion and deseeded tomato, chopped coriander and salt and pepper. And a little drizzle of olive oil if I remember, not if I don't. I love and if there are any leftovers it's fabulous on toast the next day!

kaddiew, Jan 5, 4:48am
Sour cream or plain yoghurt with corn relish and chopped spring onions. Or sour cream/yoghurt with peanut butter if you like a 'satay-ish' flavour.

rusty-bones, Jan 5, 6:11am
Our favourite is a spread for Snax crackers etc. its crushed pineapple, grated cheese mixed in a tub of cream cheese. Then its just rolled in sesame seeds and fridged. It is the yummiest or very moorish. Oh and creamy chicken soup mix added. Will get recipe if anyone wants.

soozeblue, Jan 5, 6:19am
Yum would love your recipe please rusty-bones :-)

xtownie, Jan 5, 7:25am
Yes recipe please rusty-bones

vonkrum, Jan 5, 6:22pm
agree with the adding of corn relish to sour cream recipe. Also gherkin relish is yummy instead.

tinkagirl, Jan 5, 8:36pm
1 tub cream cheese - room temp
1/2 grated tasty cheese
1/4 grated onion
1 teaspoon curry powder
2 tablespoons chow chow
1 tablespoon fresh chopped chives
mix all together and leave for 24 hours (taste better the next day)
note: if it is really firm (sometimes its not) I roll it in chopped peanuts

muffin2, Jan 5, 10:12pm
the easiest and tastiest one I use is
1 tub 250g of spreadable cream cheese (or cream cheese at room temp)
1 jar branston pickle

turn cream cheese upside down onto a serving plate and top with the pickle - arrange crackers or thick cut chips around the plate and dig in!

nauru, Jan 6, 5:52am
Pumpkin Hummus is nice. Just add some mashed steamed pumpkin with a pinch of each cumin and turmeric to homemade hummus. I make this all the time, having it most days for lunch with a mixture of raw veges and pita bread. Sometimes I ring the changes by using kumera and carrot or Spinach and feta instead of the pumpkin. Also nice with some chopped cashews added too.

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