Try this easiest ever yummy biscuit recipe!!

kenny92, Jan 4, 11:46am
This recipe was mentioned in one of the Sunday papers and the recipe is on was a bit weary about it working as there is no flour but they are so quick and delicious:

Chewy peanut butter and choc cookies-
1 C crunchy peanut butter1 beaten egg
3/4 C brown sugar1/2 tsp baking soda
about 85g dark choc chopped
* Combine all ingrediants* Make into 24 balls
* Bake 180 degrees, 10-12 minutes, let cool on oven tray.
(I got my peanut butter on special so biscuits were cheap to make)

pjcat, Jan 4, 5:28pm
I made this for a workmate who is wheat intolerant and she loved it.

molly37, Jan 4, 7:00pm
Do you leave them as balls on the tray to flatten themselves or do you have to squash them down a bit with a fork. thanks

goldgurl_design, Jan 4, 7:13pm
o.m.g - they sound like balls of heartattack LOL - the kids would love them!!!Will def try this hehehe.

I imagine you'd just leave them as balls and they'll flatten down themselves?

horizons_, Jan 4, 7:58pm
Have a friend who makes these, but without the chocolate. Tatsed like I was eating a spoonful of peanut butter and an aftertaste I did not like at all. Maybe the quality of the ingredients is important here. Also I am not a fan of sweet peanut butter anyway.

red38, Jan 4, 8:01pm
They sound lush - but not sure why they are deemed healthy!

lx4000, Jan 4, 9:07pm
peanuts are good for veggies, and dark chocolate is good for you too. But in small amounts!


cautis, Jan 5, 7:04am
I saw this this morning so made them, they are divine!

Leave them as balls, they will flatten out as they cook.

kenny92, Jan 5, 7:48am
Yea I was surprised they were on the healthy food site as they are basically just fat and sugar!!! but then I guess most biscuits are! I find they have a completely different texture to regular biscuits and interestingly I can eat 2 then walk away! With usual home baked biscuits I just want to keep eating them! I will definately make them again and thought I might add some rolled oats/raisons to the mixture (I like to experiment with recipes)

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