Pasta using yeast?

unknowndisorder, Jan 13, 5:32am
has anyone heard of a recipe that uses yeast?
Just reading a book (Patricia Cornwall) and mentions making pasta using yeast. got me curious if it actually exists, or if she doesn't know how to make pasta.

davidt4, Jan 13, 6:29am
I haven't heard of it, but a quick search came up with this:

unknowndisorder, Jan 14, 8:50am
thanks for that, it seemed odd to me, but figured she must have had something to go off. It was a lasagne, and not sure what else she used for the pasta, but the rest did make sense (olive oil, flour and can't remember what else).

lythande1, Jan 20, 4:57pm
You'd end up with bread. Pasta shouldn't rise, you want the right texture and boiled yeast pasta would be like wet cake.

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