Can I freeze fresh coriander?

That's it really!

Chef_wasala, Jul 5, 7:50 pm

Yes you can. Chop them up and put it a ziplock bag in the freezer. When you need them, just crumble them up with your fingers and put it in whatever dish you are cooking.Please note they will not be free flowing.

Chef_moparpete, Jul 5, 8:01 pm

it turns me green you can burn the lot of it tastes arful as well

Chef_whitehead., Jul 7, 3:44 pm

Chop and freeze into icecube containers.

Chef_joybells2, Jul 7, 4:55 pm

I agree. It tastes like soap.

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 7, 11:26 pm

I also hate coriander

Chef_lilyfield, Jul 8, 3:43 am

I do that with parsley when I dont have it in the garden. Hate the thought of wasting it when I have bought a bunch. I chomp the whole bunch and keep it frozen in a little plastic box. Never have scrambled egg without parsley now :)

Chef_hilt_dwane, Mar 25, 7:01 am

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