Pulled pork in a restaurant question

I had what they called pulled pork last Saturday in a restaurant near Wellington. I thought pulled pork was pulled off a large piece with a fork into longish bits. What I got was a thing like a large crumbed stick of chopped up pork that I think was either panfried or oven. It was served with 2 roasted potatoes and red cabbage which was just lovely.
How would you have expected the pork to be served? I was so disappointed cause the place itself was lovely. I didn't like to comment to the other guests as they had Seafood crepes which looked delicious and it was the hosts special birthday celebration.

Chef_samsnan, May 27, 9:03 pm

The pulled pork I have always has was meat pulled off a slow cooked shoulder served with coleslaw and buns or something similar i.e. burritos.

Chef_awoftam, May 27, 9:07 pm

samsnan, from your description, I'm assuming that the pulled pork was served croquette-style - is that correct? Very importantly, although you were obviously disappointed and taken by surprise with how the pork was presented to you, was the pork tasty, tender and moist, and was it just the presentation that disappointed or that + the actual meat itself?
Without knowing the class of restaurant, apart from the fact that others had Seafood Crepes, I'm not sure how I would have expected the pulled pork to have been served but I can only assume that the pulled pork served just as-is, or burger/slider-style, would not have been 'classy' enough for the restaurant you were at. :-))

Chef_245sam, May 27, 9:18 pm

Yes 245sam it was croquette style. It was the meat itself that did not really look like pork. It may have had other flavourings with it but I didn't think it really tasted like pork to me. I really hadn't thought how it would be served because I have never had it before. The restaurant wasn't a real fine dining place but still nice enough that we would certainly go back again another time.

Chef_samsnan, May 28, 4:20 pm

samsnan, I sure can understand your disappointment and again it's particularly re pork. Whilst in the deep south we dined at a Chinese Restaurant that we will never go back to again - the pork dish we chose had plenty of 'pork' but it neither tasted like, looked like or had the normal texture of stir-fried pork. The rest of the meal was ok-ish? and we have no complaints re the staff service but it takes much more than attentive staff to make a meal memorable for the right reasons. :-))

Chef_245sam, May 28, 5:42 pm

I digress, but can anyone tell me what is so special about 'pulled' pork?
I'd prefer a tender slice, cut across the grain of the meat.
Is it just another foodie fad/trend, or am I missing something?

Chef_samanya, May 28, 5:51 pm

*Gulp*. Agreeing with you again. This has to stop.

Chef_buzzy110, May 28, 6:04 pm

Quelle horreur! ;o)
Actually I'm glad you agreed . I thought it was just me that didn't get the significance of pulled pork.(if there is any).
Shall we wait & see what others more learned than us, have to say?
Um, quick question . why the red glum face? Your finger slipped, didn't it?

Chef_samanya, May 28, 6:45 pm

245sam. I gave up eating in Chinese Restaurants and buying Chinese takeaways about 25 years ago. We used to go to Turners Vege market a couple of times a week (for our business). Across the road from Turners was an original Pak n Save.On a number of occasions I observed the owner of the City's top Chinese restaurant at that time (who bought veg at Turners) pop in to the Pak n Save,.ring the butchery bell and then disappear to the check out with a trolley full of pigs heads. Sorry BUT I no longer eat Chinese unless I make it myself !
ALSO: I have recently observed a couple owners of Hamilton/Waikato Chinese restaurants buying absolute off spec (pig food) veg at our local Indian greengrocer's. This has only added to my resolve.

Chef_snapperheadrkp, May 28, 7:11 pm

What's wrong with pig's heads? I was in one of the local CDs the other day and saw they were selling whole heads, they were going quickly. And at least it probably proves the pork is NZ, unlikely that whole pigs would be imported.

Chef_kay141, May 28, 7:19 pm

My grandmother used to make pig's head brawn & it was delicious. I'm sure she didn't tell any of the grand kids what was in it, until they were older.

Chef_samanya, May 28, 7:26 pm

Pulled pork has been cooked for generations esp in the Southern United States (as I understand it) and is relatively new here hence the 'novelty' factor is coming in to play I think. Friends of mine from the States eat it when they have large crowds around i.e. pulled pork, sauce, buns and coleslaw. Personally I find the traditional recipes sweet and yukky and would rather have a nice slow roasted bit of meat meltingly tender.

Chef_awoftam, May 29, 5:24 pm

Thank you awoftam.
So basically, originally it's a burger type filling, which figures, as I've seen heaps of recipes for pulled pork in buns.
I'm with you, I'd way prefer the slow roast cut into slices . even in a burger bun.

Chef_samanya, May 29, 6:13 pm

Hmmm I am not a huge fan either of pulled pork. its stringy looking and despite huge amounts of flavourings usually disappointing dull in flavour as well. totally prefer a nice cross grained slice of tender meat.

Chef_karlymouse, May 29, 8:01 pm

Mum made this when I was a kid. My brother would ask "how was your lunch today" we would discuss how sick of brawn we were and then he would tell me stuff like that he helped mum make the lunches and seen her put the one with the eyeball in my lunch box. He is still a bit of a bastard.

Chef_firefly001, May 30, 9:19 pm

Brothers. lol

Chef_awoftam, May 31, 8:52 am

Oh yum . pig's eyes.

Chef_samanya, Jun 28, 5:51 am

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