Sliced bread for sandwiches

Does anyone know where to buy thin sliced bread for sandwiches in Christchurch please. the sliced bread from supermarkets is almost toast!

Chef_beerlady, Jun 16, 8:56 pm

In Palmy North - 95c to $1 a loaf from Budget & Norths have switched to ONLY Toast bread. Pak'Save buyer said not enough being sold of sami so stopped it. Don't buy other brands.

Chef_sla11, Jun 16, 9:05 pm

Homebrand sliced is pretty thin - I'm sure they still do sandwich slices in white and wheatmeal

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 16, 10:35 pm

PNS sell Pam's Multigrain sandwich for $1.95 a loaf. shame they did away with the budget sandwich bread

Chef_petal1955, Jun 17, 9:11 am

Gosh, can remember once upon a time of getting those thin Reizensteins Sliced Bread as being the middle bread of a triple layer club sandwiches.

Hmmm, wondering if some of these bread shops can alter their bread slicer to cut as such. otherwise to buy those normal sandwich loaves.

Chef_valentino, Jun 17, 3:36 pm

Thanks all, agree with valentine, sandwiches used to made of really thin bread but not any more.
Thanks to all

Chef_beerlady, Jun 17, 5:01 pm

Ask at newworld, about to make dz's cheese rolls and they get it sliced thinly for us. They should be able to tell you how many you can get at a time.

Chef_fifie, Jun 17, 9:42 pm

Vogels does really thin slices, not sure if this is thin enough.

Chef_ruby19, Jun 17, 10:12 pm

It's a shame that thinly slice loaf isn't done anymore. It was perfect for sandwich making.

Chef_deanna14, Jun 18, 6:02 am

I just use the Natures Fresh sandwich one. I cut the crusts off both ends, which seems to make a big difference.

Chef_ruby2014, Jun 18, 3:54 pm

I buy the $1.00 loaf from Countdown it is the thinnest sliced bread that I can find, cheers Raebea

Chef_raebea, Jun 20, 9:34 pm

I like thin toast and buy Pam's sandwich loaf. The trouble is that every so often the slices are too thick and I have to pass them over to my husband. I just might try Countdown for my bread. I remember years ago we were able to get a whole loaf and cut it almost wafer thin if we wanted. Don't think I would like to try now with all the different breads around

Chef_lulu239, May 8, 12:55 pm

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