Red wine for cooking

Just interested what you use? Does it really make a difference? Thanks

Chef_clareo, Apr 22, 6:03 pm

It depends on what I am cooking. Hearty meals call for a hearty wine like a Syrah - a lighter dish a pinot noir. And only use wine you would drink - the cheapest red in the bargain bin of the supermarket will ruin a dish.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 22, 6:11 pm

I use cheaper wines - around the $10 mark and I think they are fine. I've heard you should never use a wine you wouldn't drink - I drink $30+ bottles of wine and are too stingy to use them in my cooking :-) A cleanskin wine is great, in my opinion, for cooking.

Chef_murfee, Apr 22, 8:48 pm

Cleanskins are usually drinkable. When I tell people not to cook with a wine they wouldn't drink, I mean Queen Adelaide lol.

Chef_awoftam, Sep 22, 6:42 am

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