Veg soup with ham bone

Two days ago I made a vegi soup and put a ham bone in it and lots of vegis. It was yum the first night but went to heat it up again and the vegis were looking a little fermented and smelt like vinegar and taste like vinegar. What do you think went wrong? I cooked it in a slow cooker and used a soup mix plus fresh vegis.

Chef_hazelwood47, Jul 2, 8:13 pm

Did you put it in the fridge the first night after eating?

Chef_samsnan, Jul 2, 8:45 pm

Did you put potato in it? only add potato just before serving.

Chef_barbiedoll, Jul 2, 8:52 pm

No I didn't put it into the fridge I left it on the bench and then reheated it which I now know not to do.

Chef_hazelwood47, Jul 2, 9:11 pm

I have often cooked vegetable soup with either ham or bacon bones and included potato in it. I have always put the leftover in the fridge. Never had a problem with having the potato (or kumara) cooked in it. Never had a problem with fermentation either.

Chef_rai5, Jul 2, 9:33 pm

You must always refrigerate soup- especially if it has meat in it. If your house was warm or heated in some way then the food will have gone " off"

Chef_edjill41, Apr 17, 2:05 pm

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