Fan oven v ordinary oven?

I just made Annabel Langbein's recipe for scones using yoghurt. It said to preheat fan oven to 200, but I don't have a fan oven so just preheated my oven, popped them in and they are just flat, not like scones at all. What difference does a fan-bake oven make?

Chef_stitchbird3, Jun 11, 2:41 pm

More even heat distribution.

Chef_laspaz, Jun 11, 2:47 pm

They should've still risen in an ordinary oven. Scones have been made for many decades without having to be fan assisted. What was the raising agent?

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 11, 3:56 pm

kaddiew, I assume that the scones as made by stitchbird3 are Annabel's "Three Ingredient Cheese Scones" - simply self-raising flour, grated tasty cheese and Greek yoghurt. Have a look at:-

Chef_245sam, Jun 11, 4:10 pm

fan is usually about 20 degrees less than normal, but I would have thought more 180 degrees normal bake for scones.

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jun 11, 4:41 pm

I agree that the temperature for fan-baking is usually 20ºC lower than for conventional baking so if a recipe states 'fan-bake at 200ºC' then IMO the conventional bake temperature should be 220ºC. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 11, 4:52 pm

Did you over mix them by any chance?

Chef_wendalls, Jun 13, 9:46 pm

I accidently bought 'lite' greek yoghurt, will that matter?

Chef_just_lookin1, May 27, 7:04 am

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