Adcice needed on Menu

does anyone like blue cheese? On Come Dine With Me today one of the contestants was doing "blue nachos" - no idea how they went, as I decided I'd had enough of the programme about then. Lol

the family will be coming to see you, and it sounds like a nice and relaxed meal, which is what you want, not one where you have to spend all your time in the kitchen.

otherwise a roast? i never care what we have when out with friends, as go for the company :) (unless they serve me broccoli, then I do leave that on my plate oops)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jun 13, 7:36 pm

you dont need a cheese and cracker thing. soup sounds great, maybe add a avocado salas to the nachos. or change it to tacos - kids love that. i wouldnt worry about the naan. most people love bread rolls heated in the oven . easy as. smart them up if you want by cutting open and adding cheese to melt. remember people wanna see you . food is 2nd

Chef_motorbo, Jun 13, 7:47 pm

Well I need you to tell me one thing - where do you live, as I will rock up for dinner.

Hells bells you work, are so busy, yet you are taking the time to serve 3/4 courses for dinner taking into account the needs of kids and a budget. Big ups to you - it sounds damn delicious to me. Honestly. We can all tweak this and that but for my money you have it spot on. I think you are blooming fantastic. And like Motorbo I would forgo the cheese and crackers - you will all be fit to bust I am sure. Unnecessary.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 13, 7:53 pm

Do you have a crockpot? What about a lovely warm casserole made with chuck steak, and serve with crusty buns, that way you can throw everything in the morning and relax when your guests are there. just a thought

Chef_viv130, Jun 13, 8:03 pm

No chilli but how about paprika / smoked paprika for that flavor.

Chef_parsondian, Jun 13, 8:03 pm

yum, let me know what time I should come over!

If it was me, and you are worried about bland - I would cook the mince, then take some out of the pan (for the kids) and spice up the rest for the adults

Chef_duckmoon, Jun 13, 8:14 pm

seriously, don't over think it, just have fun :) They come to see you, but obviously enjoy having a meal together as well :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jun 13, 8:51 pm

It sounds like you love cooking and you love family - adoro la mia famiglia - family and food go together so buona cena to you. Enjoy!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 13, 9:33 pm

My hubby is grumpy if the mince us not tomatoey enough and likes the addition of copious tomato paste. Get nacho chips you have tasted as its disappointing to get those bland ones that taste like cardboard. Good luck! Mmm the adult version sounds yummo. But yeah not for 2 of my kids.

Chef_wendalls, Jun 13, 9:57 pm

Get him to make it then - show you how he likes it done.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 13, 9:58 pm

Your menu sounds lovely. I'm sure you will have a lovely meal.

Chef_lidbud, Jun 13, 10:13 pm

$80? ! THat's huge! Must be the most expensive potatoes and mince ever.
I could do a roast on that. Twice.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 14, 8:09 am

by the way, grandmajewlz, we do expect you to let us know how it went :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jun 14, 10:59 am

psssttttt :) they come to see you, see someone that loves to cook - like you do - puts love in their food. its not the flash ingredients . so do feel ok to adjust the menu if you want to, kids dont like cheese and crackers that much but a lovely quick dessert is a fruit fool, - whipped cream and fruist stired through. or an apple crumble. can be made a head and cooked that night. i went out ast week to DIL and she made one. was yummmmm

Chef_motorbo, Jun 14, 3:41 pm

Sounds fine but you could get some salsa for those who do want their chilli spicy - my kids, even at 5 years old, would eat spicy nachos and cheese & crackers too.

Chef_sarahb5, May 30, 12:49 pm

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