What's your ultimate dinner party menu?

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samiamnz, Sep 19, 10:11am
Hello there, I am looking for some inspiration.Let me know what your dinner party heaven would be.

alebix, Sep 19, 10:31am
all depends on what time fo the year and how many people were coming.

But I would do

bread for starters (garlic, herb etc)
then a roast of some sort with loads of roast vegetables

then I would do something like a trifle,steamed pudding,pavlova for dessert...

pickles7, Sep 20, 12:13am
A selection of crackers,
Black caviar, softened cream cheese, grapes, capers, cherry tomatoes, gherkins, balsamic dressing.
Served with champagne..
That's probably my lot. lol

erewhon04, Sep 20, 6:43am
Seafood chowder (they do a great seafood mix in the supermarkets now, just add to a roux), maybe followed by filo-wrapped, oven baked chicken breasts, and definitely followed by lemon meringue pie.

beaker59, Sep 20, 7:08am
One I had last week worked well.

Toasted home made Spelt Sourdough bread with salsa over.
Salsa was chopped tomatoes corriander roasted capsicum onion and olive oil with crumbed Feta mixed through.

Main of Chicken Tikka Masala, rice and a nice green salad with Yogurt dressing.

Apple crumble dessert

rainbowpride, Sep 20, 7:18am
I did a dinner party 2 weeks ago I served a ceasar salad with bbq ranch dressing and deep fried stuffing croutons. I then served 2 mains which was individual honey mustard meatloafs served with herbed roast vegetables, and I also served General Tso's Chicken served on brown rice.For dessert I served individual banoffie pie in brandy baskets. I got lots of great comments

samsara11, Sep 20, 7:20am
Breads and dips followed by lamb shank tagine followed by fresh fruit salad in brandy baskets and Kapiti feijoa ice cream

motorbo, Sep 20, 7:41am
gosh havent had people over for dinner for ages, last time i did i made a herb rissotto for the starter, main was jamie olivers recipe i used hapuka and seasoned it with rosemary wrapped in bacon and panfried, finish off in oven and serve with hollindase with lemon juice added and asparagus, dessert was avocado chocolate mousse with crumbled flake over it

samiamnz, Sep 20, 11:10pm
Ooh this sounds fab, tell me more about the stuffing croutons and the Tso chicken.

pickles7, Sep 20, 11:43pm
avocado chocolate mousse , for dessert. Sounds like Jamie Oliver.... motorobo....

motorbo, Sep 21, 12:35am
nope the fish dish was his the mousse i got from the newspaper a couple in Nelson bought out a cookbook, its very yummy and healthier
than the usual way to make it

pickles7, Sep 21, 12:38am
Fillet of white fish, poached in white wine
Served with, mousseline sauce
Light scattering of sliced black olives.

pickles7, Sep 21, 12:43am
Sound like I need to give it a go, We love avocado and chocolate. Sounds very interesting. Could you post the recipe please....motorbo...

motorbo, Sep 21, 12:45am
1/2 cup dehydrated sugar cane juice or honey i used honey, select a honey you like as the flavour does coem through the chocolate a wee bit
1/2 cup water
2 medium-sized avocados (300g flesh)
1 tsp pure vanilla essence
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 cup good quality cocoa powder
Juice of 1/2 small lemon

This surprisingly rich, smooth mousse is dairy-free. Avocado is the magic ingredient - its healthy oils create a luscious creamy texture. It keeps well in the refrigerator for more than 10 days - if you can resist dipping into it!

Put all ingredients in a food processor and process to combine. Refrigerate until required.

By Roger and Anna Wildegoogle them they have some great recipes

motorbo, Sep 21, 12:46am
my guests loved it and couldnt believe it was made with avos, migth have to make it again this weekend have done so for ages

pickles7, Sep 21, 1:09am
Thank you ...motorbo...

On my list , avocado, and honey. I went to buy My honey the other day, to find the road side shop had closed, grrrrr. It sold locally produced raw honey, I am not happy.

motorbo, Sep 21, 1:51am
maybe they just ran out, i know its awful when you find something you like and it stops being avaliable

rkcroft, Sep 21, 1:54am
I've made this mousse and its delicious.I used dutch processed cocoa to ensure the mousse was dark and chocolately.I either use the Vahlrona or the Equagold one.

daleaway, Sep 21, 2:02am
You've got me curious - does it set like a mousse, or does it stay soft and could be used as a chocolate dip for fruit?

motorbo, Sep 21, 3:14am
no it sets like a mousse not hard chocolate, you could dip them in eat scop out some and eat, but would be better on the side

ribzuba, Sep 21, 5:38am
brushettas then cocoa nib pesto tortellini with a delicious lemon posset and tuille cracker for dessert

pickles7, Sep 21, 7:35am
Have you gone looking into there site? I just kept on looking into heaps of stuff. Would love to go stay with them, now. May look into an, E F T lesson.

By Roger and Anna Wilde google them they have some great recipes

Quotemotorbo (139 )12:45 pm, Tue 21 Sep #

motorbo, Sep 21, 8:41am
oh yes pickles i subscribe and get emails every week, i must get around to buying a cookbook off them

pickles7, Sep 21, 10:57pm
Now for my main meal;
rack of lamb
warm salad of root vegetables dressed with a
sweet mint dressing
roasted cherry tomatoes

fishheadsoup, Sep 21, 11:00pm
anyone else got any ideas?!