Chesdale cheese

Has anyone seen the chesdale blocks of cheese miss them were made by kraft

Chef_sticky232, Jul 17, 6:44 pm

I think they are in the vegemite isle in Countdown . sort of above the jars . but I could be wrong . will check tomorrow when we shop.

Chef_ljayl, Jul 17, 7:02 pm

Yes chesdale used to be a favourite when our family were young. Must look for it again!

Chef_niffer13, Jul 17, 7:07 pm

". Chesdale Cheese was a variety of cheese produced for the mass market in New Zealand. Chiefly remembered for its very memorable animated television advertising with the jingle sung by two cartoon characters Ches and Dale wearing gumboots and black singlet. "

". This brand of cheese, or a derivative thereof, is still produced and sold in individually wrapped, pre-sliced portions. This (combined with its highly processed nature) has given it the popular slang name of "plastic cheese" or (more formally) "processed cheese". "

Chef_uli, Jul 17, 9:13 pm

Oh No! Now I've got the jingle running through my head.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 17, 9:20 pm

I remember buying this on a whim due to fond childhood memories a few years ago (no idea if it's still available) and being dissapointed. Tastes can change I guess but good luck getting hold of it, maybe you'll enjoy it better than I did.

Chef_sampa, Jul 17, 9:23 pm

Nearly as bad as the old KFC one back in the days before they relabeled to leave out the term 'fried'. ;-)

. and Hugo said you go.

Chef_sampa, Jul 17, 9:25 pm

And I said no you go. So we sat in the back. ! Can still picture that car going from side to side. I could barely describe an ad these days if it wasn't for my husband making me watch the new BP and Vodafone ads of cute animals being rescued.

Chef_wendalls, Jul 17, 9:36 pm

LOL wendalls. adds are those things that pop up in the side bar of websites aren't they? Sometimes I wonder why we have a telly dominating our lounge but, the man still likes to watch stuff that way (although he's also rather fond of his laptop since he bought his first ever last year - sometimes he even has more than one tab open at a time! ;)

Chef_sampa, Jul 18, 9:17 am

I used to work in my school holidays for a factory called Butland Industries
they used to be on the Gt South Road Ellerslie,they made that cheese, as well as bottled L&P worcestershire sauce, Macleans toothpaste, Eno's Fruit Salts, many fruit cake mixes etc etc.Canned baked beans & spagetti.

Chef_cleggyboy, Jul 18, 9:31 am

Used to have a recipe where you put chesdale cheese in a pot with water and onion to make into a spread it was nice but not sure what it would taste like now
It was good for sandwiches and the kids loved it as well

Chef_griffo4, Jul 18, 11:41 am
even the sheet music is here LOL

Chef_jan2242, Jul 18, 11:48 am

I can not get it here and have tried all the supermarkets. SO I get it from Ausie, each time I go I buy 4 large (500gr) blocks and my sister sends them to me also. Have just opened another one. Yummy cheese for lunch.

Chef_dilligaf_dah, Jul 20, 1:03 pm

Is that the one that goes:
We are the boys from down on the farm
We really know our cheese.
There's much better value in Chesdale
It rarely fails to please. ?

Or something like that

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 20, 3:31 pm

OMG . that Hugo one with the obese family bouncing along in the car . to this day I see an obese family & think of that advert!

Chef_samanya, Jul 20, 5:11 pm

No! Please No! If you carry on like that Buzzy I might have to block you!

Chef_davidt4, Jul 20, 5:26 pm

The full text is in the link at post 4 :)
Please do not block me DT4!

Chef_uli, Jul 20, 5:48 pm

Me too . plastic cheese & a jingle that gets stuck in the head . blerk!

Chef_samanya, Jul 20, 6:00 pm

Finest Cheddar. Made better.

Really? Was at the time tho!

Chef_awoftam, Jul 20, 7:45 pm

I must have eaten it when I was a child, but I can't remember what it tasted like. All I can remember is an unpleasant sticky texture and little triangles wrapped in foil.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 20, 8:58 pm


Chef_awoftam, Jul 20, 9:01 pm

just sing happy birthday, I heard or read somewhere if you get a song stuck in your head, sing happy birthday and it goes

Chef_slimgym, Jul 21, 5:02 am


Chef_slimgym, Jul 21, 5:02 am

But the real mystery is . whatever happened to those bread rolls that you used to get with Kentucky Fried (back in the day when they were being honest about their product - fried - )? They were kind of yellow and probably full of MSG but they were good. Well at least I thought they were. back then. maybe they'd be consigned to the same place in my memory as chesdale cheese should I ever get to try them again lol.

Chef_sampa, Jul 21, 10:57 am

We still make this. Now that you can't buy the blocks in the yellow box, I just buy colby grated cheddar.Add half cup of milk to 3 cups grated cheese and a chopped onion, salt/pepper. Put in pot and melt on low heat enough to combine. DONT let it boil. Pour into a airtight container, allow to cool, keep in fridge. YUMMO!

Chef_jewlz, Jul 21, 8:13 pm

For those of you who remember the jingle
Let's see if we can get the whole thing out quickly a few words at a time per poster.

We are the.

Chef_terraalba, Jul 21, 8:20 pm

To make this less painful for everyone - here we go:

The original words to the jingle are as follows:

We are the boys from down on the farm,
We really know our Cheese.
There's much better value in Chesdale,
It never fails to please.
Chesdale slices thinly, never crumbles, there's no waste,
And boy it's got a mighty taste.
Chesdale cheese.
It's finest Cheddar. Made Better.

Chef_uli, Jul 21, 9:47 pm

I fully expect DT4 to ban me now :)

Chef_uli, Jul 21, 9:48 pm

I gotta say, as a kid I was very excited to taste those cheese triangles in pretty foil that better off kids seemed to have. But when I did I was disappointed. They were blerk then! And remember the fake dark yellow smoked flavour? I think that was the worst. Back to my peanut butter sandwich, Apple and one biscuit if I was lucky!

Chef_wendalls, Jul 22, 12:33 am


Chef_davidt4, Jul 22, 8:37 am

Skips out singing the jingle merrily. Don't watch adverts now but are there any other jingles I should know or have jingles gone the way of the dinosaur and now it is all very serious, very dour celebrity endorsements?

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 22, 9:47 am

Sounds like the type of thing we had for snacks before it became mandatory for snacks to be dressed in flashy wrapping and individually packed. Convenience is great but sometimes it's nice to know what's in stuff and that we made it.

How long do you find this keeps for jewlz? If I made it on a Sunday would it be good for lunches with crackers and/or raw veg for the rest of the working week or does it get a bit frumpy after a couple of days (translation - stickyish and not very appetising looking).

Chef_sampa, Feb 24, 10:50 pm

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