Grated granny Smith apple

Mum often gave us grated granny smith apple with sugar and milk.I have an idea that it was if we had a tummy upset, or the other end.
anyone know. Had it tonight and it was was only ever a granny apple.

Chef_korbo, Jun 5, 8:32 pm

I suspect it was a dessert. amazing what Mothers did to help fill their kiddies tummies. Can't see it helping a sore tummy - quite the opposite but keen to understand and learn more.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 5, 8:53 pm

My mum did something similar, it was for when we had "the trots". Plunket used to recommend the BRAT diet for tiny tots with upset tummies. B - bananas, R - rice, A - apple, T - toast.

Chef_torst, Jun 5, 10:40 pm

Correct - use for 48hrs post vomiting and/or diarrohoea

The toast can have a smiggen of honey/jam but I always used Marmite for my boys - and hubby and they preferred something savoury - and it gave them some sodium replacement

Chef_maynard9, Jun 6, 8:43 am

A Dr recommended apple to cure diarrohea for my toddler daughter when she was having chemo. This was 30 years ago but didn't mention the granny smith but it was a popular apple back then.

Chef_roseann48, Jun 6, 9:17 am

I would think anything with milk in isn't good for a tummy upset so as someone else said maybe it was a dessert, I love grated apple in plain greek yoghurt with a touch of cinnamon, some wholegrain oats and chopped walnuts added. Quite often have this for dessert or brekky.

Chef_nauru, Jun 6, 3:51 pm

Medical Registrar at our hospital prescibede grated apple to everyone with tummy upsets. Ever tried feeding a ward full of kids grated apple?
It was an experience I would hope not to repeat.

Chef_camper18, Jun 6, 8:35 pm

wow, so I was right. thought that it was for the trots. (didnt like to put that on here).
Will keep it in mind next time that horrid bug goes thru the family.

Chef_korbo, Jun 7, 2:57 pm

What is the difference between grated apple and an ungrated apple that one is good for upset tummies and the other is just an apple with no such benefits?

Chef_buzzy110, Jun 7, 3:11 pm

Grating was to make it easier for children to swallow.

Chef_roseann48, Jun 7, 5:16 pm

I can't get past the fact apples are not super easy on the digestive system so could imagine 'issues' if eating these when the gut is inflamed. I thought the blander the food, the better. This is from a medical site ( all the ones I looked at basically said the same thing):

"You should eat plain, simple foods for diarrhea, especially in the first 24 hours, says Peter Higgins, MD, PhD, assistant professor in gastroenterology in the department of internal medicine at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. “It is best to eat thicker, bland foods, including oatmeal, bananas, plain rice, and applesauce,” he says.

Other bland foods that you’re likely to tolerate include:

Boiled potatoes
Plain crackers such as saltines
Baked chicken without any skin or fat"

Interesting they say apple sauce, which would be cooked, as opposed to raw apple (which gives some people windy pops).

Chef_awoftam, Jun 7, 6:03 pm

The Plunket nurse said to use grated apple - and it could be left to go brown - for any tummy upsets for my kids - 30+ years ago. And in my own Plunket book from nearly 60 years ago, the same is written there. Had a tummy upset myself recently - used apples to help.

Chef_floralsun, Jun 8, 12:59 am

Stewed apple I was told, it wasn't a cure, it was something easy to digest after the child had been going both ends for a few hours. they had to eat something, you couldn't starve the poor little things, so stewed apple was recommended. possibly totally useless, but totally harmless, and it filled a hungry gap for a little while anyway. I have never known why stewed apple, but there you go, what do you feed them now when they become sick little critters?
PS We had a real live Granny Smith, with grey hair way down her back when it wasn't up in a bun. She used to knit socks with four little metal needles :-))

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 13, 9:50 pm

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