Failed afghan biscuits

Edmonds recipe, but they are way too crumbly. Not sure what went wrong, but what can I do with them - they disintegrate in my hands so I can't even use the icing to held them together

Chef_pauline999, May 18, 9:00 pm

make fudge cake / slice with them, will make a ok base, just need to make the toping to pour over it. then place in fridge to set.

Chef_aj.2., May 18, 9:11 pm

crumble them up and add to muesli mix

Chef_lilyfield, May 18, 9:37 pm

Allyson Gofton's afghans are fail proof (for me anyway as I never got my Edmonds ones quite right).

Chef_wildflower, May 19, 7:05 pm

I make the Edmonds one but use crushed weetbix instead of cornflakes. Never fails

Chef_popeye333, May 21, 4:15 pm

Also if mixture is dry & crumbly just add either one egg or a wee bit of milk to bind. I always add an egg & use weetbix let me know if you would like my recipe.

Chef_pricilla, Jul 21, 12:45 pm

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