Where to purchase ginger in syrup?

There was a nice feijoa, date & ginger loaf recipe in today's "Your Weekend" lift-out. However, the recipe required either crystallised ginger or ginger in syrup. I am OK with finding the crystallised ginger in the baking section, but if I chose to use the ginger in syrup where would I find this in the supermarket?

Which would give the mildest flavour - the crystallised or the syrup version?

Chef_chynna2, Apr 19, 8:18 pm

Try an Asian food store for the ginger in syrup. Not too sure off hand about the mildest flavour. I like crystallised in baking etc myself

Chef_dalkemade, Apr 19, 8:23 pm

Yes look in Asian food stores, usually in a china jar - and personally I think its milder in the syrup rather than crystallised.

Chef_karlymouse, Apr 19, 8:41 pm

I got some in NW in a glass jar in the pickles section, have also purchased at the Asian store

Chef_murfee, Apr 19, 9:14 pm

Love this organic ginger syrup, its yummy over deserts, cakes, pancakes etc, mild also buy it local and its popular.

Chef_fifie, Apr 19, 9:34 pm

Thank you for the advice on where to find this everyone! :-)

Chef_chynna2, Apr 19, 11:38 pm

Countdown (Johnsonville) has it with all the other Asian type foods.

Chef_thewomble1, Apr 20, 12:20 am

I bought some from Nosh - that was a few years ago now, but assume they would still stock it.

Chef_mjhdeal, Apr 20, 7:57 am

put a quarter cup of sugar in a pan with a cup of sugar melt slowly with out stirring when boiling put your ginger in and and boil for a 5/6 minutes then remove to dry onto a greases and sugared tray to dry . you can slice your ginger before you do this for ease of using . if you like it spicy add a tea spoon of dry ginger or grate a finger of green ginger into it for a fresh taste

Chef_whitehead., Apr 20, 10:39 am

Don't you mean ¼ cup water with the cup sugar?

Chef_nauru, Sep 27, 9:12 pm

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