Sliced bread for sandwiches

Does anyone know where to buy thin sliced bread for sandwiches in Christchurch please. the sliced bread from supermarkets is almost toast!

Chef_beerlady, Jun 16, 7:57 pm

I am a longggggg way from ChCh however the bakery here slices bread at a thickness dictated by the customer - so one near you may do the same?

Chef_awoftam, Jun 16, 7:59 pm

We have the same problem, really hard to get in Chch. Countdown has SR Multigrain which is sandwich sliced but sell out v quickly, quite often toast is all that is left unless you go early. We buy several at a time and freeze them. Vogel have recently brought out an extra thin sliced loaf and it is very nice but a smaller slice than the Countdown one. Not sure why most of the loaves are so thick these days.

Chef_katalin2, Jun 17, 9:14 am

Because it makes excellent economic sense from the retailers point of view - less slices per pack (as contained in a loaf of thicker sliced bread) equals more turnover for them since people still tend to use the same amount of slices daily. The other thing about bread is it's an item that most households consume regularly but few people visit the supermarket just to purchase bread. meaning every time you go in to get bread and end up adding more items to your trolley their cash registers curl up their toes with retailers delight.

- Our local dairy has been playing this marketing trick for years, hard on local families with young kids when sandwiches for school lunches etc are usually a given for most of them.

Chef_sampa, Jun 17, 11:08 am

PNS sell Pam's Multigrain sandwich for $1.95 a loaf. shame they did away with the budget sandwich bread

Chef_petal1955, Jun 17, 11:16 am

molenberg makes sandwich sliced bread in a couple of varieties

Chef_kateley, May 22, 2:46 pm

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