Savoury muffin/scone ideas for school lunches

I make the cheese scone mix from the Edmonds Cook Book but I add chopped up 1/4 onion, some finely chopped ham and also a couple of very generous Tablespoons of Cream Corn. They are very tasty.

Chef_kiwisportsgirl, Feb 8, 11:03 pm

Try the packet Edmonds scone mix, so simple to mix for busy Mums, and makes a good scone. Put whatever you like in the mixture for the kids. eg chopped bacon, cheese etc a bit of parsley.

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 9, 10:43 am

I make savoury pinwheels using scone mix. Roll out dough, spread pizza sauce on, top with ham, cheese, tomato onion or what ever I have, roll up, cut. Sprinkle extra cheese on top before cooking

Chef_twoboys4us, Feb 9, 12:19 pm

Scone mix is brilliant and very quick to make.

Chef_maximus44, Mar 14, 2:47 pm

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