HELP homemade pasta making confusion.

first time making. got y dough done, kneaded to a beautiful consistency and its currently resting wrapped in gladwrap if the fridge. now. so recipes say it must be used/eaten as soon as its made and others say it can be put out on a rack to dry for at least an hour before you use it. (im hoping i can do the later as we've got someone due to 'pop in' and itll probaly be right at the time im finishing my rolling).

Chef_purplegoanna, Feb 13, 7:41 pm

I always hang tagliatelle/spaghetti style pasta for a while, but lasagne style, I don't want it to dry out too much so I either use straight away or cover for a short time, but I'm no expert.[no Italian heritage at all ;o] Good luck with your pasta making . bet you never buy it again once you've tried it.

Chef_samanya, Feb 13, 7:51 pm

thats awesome. i shall go locate the wooden clothes air drier for my hanging frame, going with fettucine tonight, i usually by fresh from the supermarket but after a summer of making pizza dough im a 15min dough champ so i figure why not go the next step. ravioli is high on the list once i conquer this. thanks so much

Chef_purplegoanna, Feb 13, 7:57 pm

I forgot to say that for any cannelloni type recipe . I can't be faffed messing around with the dried tubes . I roll it out as for lasagne, pop the filling on & roll it up. Tonight was chicken, proscuitto, cheese with a fresh tomato/basil cream sauce. It's an early Jo Seagar recipe . couldn't find it for you, but I am happy to post it, if you want it. BTW, I wouldn't mind the 15 min pizza dough recipe.
Ravioli is still on my 'must try' list.

Chef_samanya, Feb 13, 8:47 pm

broom stick between two cupbourd doors and out of reach of your pets my dogs love it when i make pasta thay will eat what they can reach yummo .

Chef_whitehead., Feb 13, 9:50 pm

I've never "rested" mine.
If it's going to be made into ravioli or lasagna or something I wouldn't let it sit around as dough but make it up now.
If to be used as spaghetti or similar, once it is cut to strips, then it can sit around - it will just start to dry out.
Dried pasta is fine - the shops are full of it.

Chef_lythande1, Feb 14, 6:32 am

Does anyone know if you can freeze freshly made pasta?

Chef_rebert62, Feb 14, 7:29 am

Agreed, definitely worth making pasta fresh for cannelloni. Very yum and so much easier to put together than the dried tubes are to stuff. I see a homemade pasta meal on our horizon, been far too long since I made pasta from scratch.

I second the request for the 15 minute pizza dough by the way. :)

Chef_sampa, Feb 14, 10:58 am

yes you can.---- From frozen into boiling water,

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 14, 12:44 pm

thank you lilyfield

Chef_rebert62, Feb 26, 2:54 pm

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