Using up chilli/lime flavour cooked chicken?

nunesy, May 1, 8:34am
Have searched Recipes but most of the ideas (although delicious sounding) wouldn't work well with chilli/lime flavour. it tasted amazing (was a ready-to-cook one from PnS) and I don't want to waste the large amount of leftover meat on something that hides the flavour. A creamy chicken pie won't work with this flavour. any great ideas? I'm thinking maybe something with Asian influence? Wish I could just make things up but I need guidelines at least, if not a full recipe! Thanks!

kirmag, May 1, 8:41am
I'd chuck it through fried rice or a stir fry.

kob, May 2, 6:13pm
If it is just a liquid marinade or powdered why not must rinse it off under the tap and dab dry with paper towels, that way although it will retain some flavoring it won't be so pungent and you will have more versatility over what you use it for.
I do this quite a bit as our SM always has the chilli/lime stuff cheaper than all the other marinaded stuff

rainrain1, May 2, 8:20pm
Eat it cold with a salad and a baked potato. delishamo!

nunesy, May 2, 11:42pm
It was very marinaded, which is great as you can really taste it, and was already in an oven bag ready to cook (not one you buy hot). So I made a stirfry/risotto type dish last night. now I have leftovers of that too, and still a lot of original chicken to use up! Am googling chicken pie recipes now, think I'll just try it anyway and hope the flavours work! rainrain I did find a great pasta salad recipe with asian flavours that would work but I need something freezable cos there's just so much leftover! Really don't want to waste it but it's too much for me to eat even if I eat it every night for the next week.

cgvl, Aug 29, 4:57pm
what about a soup or something asian or indian style

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