Non dairy yoghurt starter culture for coconut yog

Hi does anyone know where to source a good probiotic starter?

Chef_infinityjrc, Mar 20, 11:46 am

You can buy coconut yoghurt in New World that works well as a starter. It is around $6 a pottle.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 20, 1:30 pm

Bump anyone know where to buy dairy free yog culture?

Chef_infinityjrc, Mar 22, 9:50 pm

No sorry but could you use soy yoghurt as a starter?

Chef_2spotties, Mar 23, 5:57 pm

I believe you can use a couple of caps of dairy free inner health plus as a starter for coconut yoghurt. I haven't tried but have heard about it from a number of people that it is successful. Then save a cup or so of the yoghurt for the next batch.

Chef_sophiel, Nov 19, 4:54 am