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uli, Aug 30, 5:44am
Umm - yes - DUNEDIN!

You cannot grow them there, so they come most likely from Kerikeri or Auckland!

The freight across to the "Mainland" would be the biggest kliller.

Plus even up here Limes would be about $30 a kilo - only surpassed by Passionfruit at $45 a kilo!

kay141, Aug 30, 5:50am
Lemons will grow in Dunedin. My parent's garden, my grandparents and my garden had cropping lemon trees. Can't remember what sort they were.

shaun16, Aug 30, 5:56am
I've got a lemon tree in the backyard overflowing with lemons. we hardly use them

shaun16, Aug 30, 5:57am
also we have lemons all year round although less at different times of the year

kay141, Aug 30, 5:58am
Start selling them on here. Might fetch a good price if they are organic,

fifie, Aug 30, 6:10am
Lucky you, sell them on here.

figjamto, Aug 31, 2:14am
Oh I hear you. BIG TIME frustration at not being able to grow a lemon tree. when my neighbour has got the saddest looking lemon tree that groans with lemons and leaves them to rot on the ground !

uli, Aug 31, 5:42am
Gee! Why don't you go over with a cake or invite them for dinner and talk about it? We swap all sorts here in our neighbourhood. Get to know them rather than posting a red face here!

awoftam, Sep 1, 3:35am
On my walks I pass a myriad of lemon trees, grapefruit, oranges and mandarins all laden. I have no qualms about picking one or two from branches overhanging fences onto pathways.

kay141, Sep 1, 3:36am
i prefer not to steal my fruit.

pericles, Sep 1, 3:37am
I have plenty of lemons here in Ak

uli, Sep 1, 3:49am
Picking fruit that is overhanging fences is not stealing.
As a neighbour you have even the right to cut those branches off.

kay141, Sep 1, 3:51am
Yes, you have the right to cut the branches that overhang your property but legally, you must give them back. Also, any fruit on those branches belong to the tree owner. You have no right to cut branches or take fruit that overhangs public property.


awoftam, Sep 1, 4:46am
Legal schmegal. we are not talking wholesale fruit raiding here for gawd's sake. I can just imagine all the neighbourhood rows that would erupt if people 'gave back' the branches they cut off from their neighbours that were overhanging the boundary. What a gift lol.

kay141, Sep 1, 4:53am
Whether you agree with it or not, that is the law. And giving back does not mean throwing them over the fence, if you do and cause damage, then you are liable for it. So it is really up to the owner what they do about it.

awoftam, Sep 1, 4:57am
I don't particularly care whether it is 'the law' or not. We all know the law is at times, an ass. Don't be too shocked but I even dare to go 53 in a 50 k zone. Yip, live on the edge, that's me.

kay141, Sep 1, 5:01am
Woowee, such a dangerous life.

Branches, trees etc, are one of the main causes of friction between neighbours. Right up there with noise.

awoftam, Sep 1, 5:05am
Are you The Tree Police?

kay141, Sep 1, 5:11am
Nope but I get to see and hear many complaints.

awoftam, Sep 1, 5:20am
Ahhhh work at the Council. People love to moan!

kay141, Sep 1, 5:26am
Good guess but nope, not the council either.

figjamto, Nov 20, 4:07pm
The red face was for my frustration at not being able to grow a lemon tree. although my latest tree is starting to look healthy and hope it will bear fruit. Do not be so quick to judge ! I am on good terms with by neighbour and she has given me lemons

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