Tasty Cheese - do you have a favourite brand?

I keep forgetting to make a note of the brands I like. I have Homebrand Tasty at the moment - not sure I like it all that much - it tastes like tainted cheddar. The one prior to that was just right but I have forgotten what it was - very tasty with a crumbly texture. Any recommendations for supermarket packaged brands?

Chef_paora-tm, Jan 22, 4:48 pm

My dad eats tasty all the time. he will only buy the mainland brand but he reckons even that isn't tasting as good anymore.

Chef_dibble35, Jan 22, 4:56 pm

Your Dad is a man of great taste. I second Mainland - sharp and crumbly, just the way it should be - none of this rubbery junk getting passed off a tasty by just about every other big cheesemaker in NZ.

Chef_hutchk, Jan 22, 4:59 pm

Yeah, that's it! So disappointing. Maybe TV3's Target (are they coming back?) could do a Tasty Cheese survey instead of giving us a weekly soft porn tradesman show.

Chef_paora-tm, Jan 22, 5:02 pm

Mainland tasty can vary. Sometimes they release it too soon. I complained about the Vintage cheese once, tasted like mild. They apologised and sent a voucher. The best I have had lately is a newish brand. I can't remember the name but it comes in small pieces and slices. There is an extra tasty in this range which was good. Fairly expensive,though.

Chef_kay141, Jan 22, 5:17 pm

Mainland tasty here others aren't great.

Chef_ruby19, Jan 22, 5:55 pm

Mainland as well, others are too rubbery.

Chef_lodgelocum, Jan 22, 5:57 pm

I like Mainland, as well. tastes better than the others.

Chef_willman, Jan 22, 6:19 pm

Barrys' Bay, Whitestone, Kapiti.

Chef_davidt4, Jan 22, 6:19 pm

Mainland all the way, tasty cheese should flake not like
the plasticky type cheap ones, MAINLAND is the best!

Chef_kiaora4, Jan 22, 6:44 pm

Im in Australia and all their cheese tastes rubbery. Kinda like its been left out of the fridge for too long? Some supermarkets stock mainland colby so when i can i buy that as its WAY better than aussie cheese.

Chef_angel404, Jan 22, 6:52 pm

Will only buy Mainland Tasty. Good old pong when first opened - lovely and crumbly with a bite. HATE rubbery cheese.

Chef_keeny, Jan 22, 7:12 pm

Only buy Mainland. Nothing else has any taste.

Chef_oakcottage, Jan 22, 7:30 pm


Chef_andy3101, Jan 22, 7:31 pm

Interesting, as my last Mainland Tasty was rubbery and had very little flavour. I do find it so unreliable but when it is good, it is very,very good.

Chef_kay141, Jan 22, 7:37 pm

I don't think tasty is as tasty as it used to be. But mainland is the brand we usually buy

Chef_bunny51, Jan 22, 7:40 pm

I agree with Whitestone and Kapiti davidt4.

Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch far often so it's usually Mainland Vintage for me. Or just Mainland.

Chef_esther-anne, Jan 22, 7:41 pm

I'm a fromage snob! It's considered a treat along with the very best wines I can afford to match. Gone are the days of eating poor peoples rubbish that is homebranded, I do without until cheese time kicks in. I pity those poor buggers over in the states with their state sanctioned cheese they get. the colour taste and smell is truly Disgusting!
When traveling in Aussie, I have my boutique cheese mongers I stock up on. I'm yet to find something of equivalant here in Aucks. suggestions?

Chef_daarhn, Jan 22, 8:01 pm

Chef_daarhn, Jan 22, 8:07 pm

Mercer Cheese

Chef_nzdoug, Jan 22, 8:28 pm

If you live in Canterbury or North Canterbury try Karikaas, they have a great shop & you can have it cut to your liking size wise and they even let you taste it!

Beats any other block cheese purchased in the super market.


Chef_lindylambchops1, Jan 22, 9:16 pm

Rolling Meadows And Valumetric Tasty whatever is on special

Chef_sticky232, Jan 22, 9:23 pm


Chef_daarhn, Jan 22, 9:50 pm

If you can afford it, buy the cheapest 1kg of cheese (mild,colby,edam etc) and put in the back of the fridge for a few months (up to a year, unwrapped, of course) and you will find the cheaper cheese turns into a lovely tasty cheese! Just buy one to eat now and another to store away. (From a cheese-maker's daughter.)

Chef_cuteviolet, Jan 22, 10:21 pm

If only they would last that long in my house. but what a lovely idea!

Chef_psychicxpress, Jan 22, 10:23 pm

Cheese any type any brand partial to Camembert and Brie and Colby

Chef_rozke, Jan 22, 11:00 pm

Anchor or Mainland so I buy whichever of those is on special

Chef_sarahb5, Jan 23, 12:02 am

cuteviolet, do you mean remove from the plastic? Wouldn't the cheese either go mouldy or absorb other flavours from inside the fridge?

Chef_wron, Jan 23, 12:12 am

Or dry out?

Chef_wron, Jan 23, 12:12 am

Barrys Bay tastes sour.
Old Southern
Mainland Epicure

Chef_lythande1, Jan 23, 7:39 am

Dairyworkx was the brand I was trying to recall. Their extra tasty was very good. I think a lot of Kapiti cheeses on the market are no longer as good as they once were. Being owned by Fonterra is probably the reason for that. There is, at times, a big difference in taste and quality between the prize winning cheeses and what is for sale in the supermarket.

Chef_kay141, Jan 23, 8:04 am


Chef_twindizzy, Jan 23, 8:10 am

Another Mainland Tasty lover here. I like their smoked cheddar too.

Chef_daisyhill, Jan 23, 8:28 am

That's what I was thinking too

Chef_sarahb5, Jan 23, 8:55 am

If you have a good look at the budget blocks, and find one with salt escaping from the cheese inside the wrapper, then it will be good tasty, but it takes some finding, I usually get whatever's cheapest, but in saying that, if it's a choice between mainland and one of the other brands at the same price, the mainland wins.

Chef_dezzie, Jan 23, 9:17 am

Is that what that white powdery looking stuff is? I used to avoid buying cheese which looked like that thinking there was something wrong with it. lol

Chef_paora-tm, Jan 23, 9:53 am

No don't take it out of its packet. Just store as is. No nibbling before putting away! Lol.

Chef_cuteviolet, Jan 23, 10:02 am

I may not wait a year but I just might leave the block I have for a month or two to see if there is any improvement and longer if there is. I have taken it out of the packet and wrapped it in baking paper and placed it in a plastic container in the fridge. Thanks for the tip. :)

Chef_paora-tm, Jan 23, 10:29 am

I can remember as a kid back in the early 50's that an elderly gentleman staying with my Nanna would have this big block of hard Mild cheese on a plate and would slice a very thin slice and onto a cracker or on it's own. The slice looked very dry, very hard but loved every bit of it. My nanna told me that he keeps his cheese in the fridge for a long time before he starts eating it.

Never tried it so could not comment on taste but this brings back those memories, LOL.

Chef_valentino, Jan 23, 1:30 pm

Mainland for me.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Jan 23, 2:58 pm

Yep, Mainland for me too! There is just nothing similar to the Homebrand Tasty I bought 2 days ago and the Mainland Tasty I bought today - like chalk and. no wait . like rubber and cheese. Thanks to all you Mainland lovers who led me in the right direction. Yum yum.

Chef_paora-tm, Jan 23, 5:06 pm

Oh I do hope you wont be disappointed, because we have only ever done it with the wrapping still on. Good luck though :)

Chef_cuteviolet, Jan 23, 8:10 pm

I have found that tasty cheese is just not tasty any more. I buy Mainland Vintage which is passable as a tasty cheese but in general cheese has the texture of rubber and flavour of sunlight soap

Chef_carter19, Jan 25, 8:02 am

I buy Mainland Tasty 18 month old, when its on special. I have about 6-10 blocks in the fridge that I rotate, so its weeks and weeks old before I use it.

Chef_deanna14, Jan 25, 6:31 pm

Good stuff! There is a big difference in taste the longer you leave it, isn't there?

Chef_cuteviolet, Jan 25, 9:27 pm

Hell yes. Like cheeses of yesteryear.

Chef_deanna14, Jan 25, 9:29 pm

Mainland, don't look at the price. The best.

Chef_kassie48, Jan 25, 10:23 pm

Mainland tasty is the only one we buy. Also always check to make sure it has a crumbly texture and the white stuff (think it a type of mould lol) on it.

Chef_coolnzmum, Jan 25, 10:30 pm

We were always able to find Mainland at woolworths in Australia.

Chef_coolnzmum, Apr 22, 1:19 pm

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